Brain Washed Americans Support the Criminal State of Israel and Protest Omar For Telling the Truth-Can’t Fix Stupid (Social Engineering Right Out of Tavistock)

Ilhan Omar Protested by Americans Waving Israeli Flags

By infostormer -March 24, 20197

A group of retarded Americans were protesting Ilhan Omar in Los Angeles by waving Israeli flags. This shows once again that we have a real problem with Americans worshiping Jews.

Daily Mail:

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has faced hundreds of protesters waving Israeli flags in California following her controversial remarks about Israel.

Omar was met by the group of angry protesters as she attended an annual fundraiser for a Muslim American advocacy group in Woodland Hills on Saturday.

Protesters waved Israeli and pro-Trump flags outside a Hilton hotel where the Council of American-Islamic Relations event was being held.

Omar only said that there is a pro-Israel group called AIPAC and that it is a real group that exists. She is not wrong as AIPAC is a real organization. Are these protesters claiming that it is anti-Semitic to say that AIPAC exists? If so, that is a very dumb argument. You can’t accuse somebody of being anti-Semitic simply for saying that an organization exists.

Basically what we are seeing here is a group of morons worshiping Jews who are angry that there is a Moslem in Congress saying that AIPAC exists. Meanwhile, these same people don’t realize that Jews were the ones who lobbied to have all these dumb immigration polices that have allowed people like Omar to flood into America.

You can’t fix stupid I guess.

The good news is that most of the people who worship Jews are senile boomers and they are dying off. Gen-X, millennials and Gen-Z are much more indifferent to Jews and there’s far less of a fascination with them and their Zio terror state of Israel.SHAREFacebookTwitter

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