About Those Khazars

WatchTower Hasbara Hunter • 13 hours ago

There is a lot written about the Khazars and the most important information is of course that they are the “false Jews”, both genetically and religiously because of the fact that the jewish religion ist only a disguise for their talmudic-satanic, cannibalistic, sadistic, cash-hungry, materialistic and pedophiliac cult – the antithesis of the Ten Commandments, the anthesis of spirituality.
What history almost forgot and has been removed from many history books is the fact, that there are two Khazarian tribes: The Black Khazarians (dark skin color and hair) and the White Khazars (fair skin color and hair). 
When the Khazars in the 10th century lost their empire because of the attacks of the Vikings (Varangians/Rus), the White Khazars migrated to Middle Europe and settled there in the realms of the Germanic Folks – of course without blending their “pure” bloodlines with the european peoples. After they did what they always do (rape, slaughter and eat children e.g.) they were expelled by the Germans to the east (slavic/polish regions) and to the west (France/UK). German folktales tell a lot about this historic period and about this enemy of mankind (“Hansel and Gretel”, “Snow White” et. al.). Unfortunately not all of the Khazars could be displaced. Some of the richest Khazarians (or AshkeNAZI) families remained in Germany and continued exploiting, slaughtering and betraying the German people.

The Black Khazars meanwhile migrated into the Middle East and there they infiltrated the real (Sephardic) Jews, the Arabs and the Othman (Turks), later the Vatican and founded Free Masonry, Marxism and the “Jesuit” order. 
The exceptionality according the White Khazars is that they look similar (phenotype) to the european tribes, though in fact they belong to asian nomad tribes (genotype). They have fair skin color, sometimes even blue eyes and some of them are fair-haired or ginger. Angela Merkel for instance is a White Kazarian and this explains her zionistic and antigerman agenda. She received both the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize (named after a Zionist who is famous for his aims to extinct the white race) and the prize of the Zionist Lodge B’nai B’rith (Merkel is supposed to be a member of this lodge).
The Germans at today’s point of history don’t understand that Chancellor Merkel is not german, but khazarian because her phenotype is more or less european, although her genotype is similar to turk people. The Germans watch like lambs, while Merkel calls an army of young arabic and african men into middle europe, that only waits for the starting shot to slaughter the white population of europe. Once this is done, europe is depopulated and meanwhile the arabic people are provoked to attack Israel, then the Zionists will leave Israel and migrate to europe as the new kings. The remaining people will be their slaves. Interesting plan, isn’t it?
So, Merkel is in fact related to Hitler and Hitler’s aim was the same as Merkel’s aim is today: to destroy the white race, starting with the Germans. Merkel and Hitler are Khazarians (Hitler belongs to the Rothschild family), that means they are AshkeNAZI. I want to add, that the Germans (just like the Irish and Celtic People e.g.) love freedom and mistrust any leader or “Führer”, they battled against the enemies of freedom like the Roman Dictators, The Catholic Church, Napoleon and others. The “Third Reich” was a zionist coup d’etat against the German People and the Germans and Russians were agitated to kill each other, part of the long term plan to extinct the white race. This is the fight Divine Order against Chaos, light against darkness, good against evil. This is the real meaning of World War III and the best comparison of this plot is “The Lord of the Rings”. 
Some examples für White Khazarians:
– German aristocratic family “Battenberg” = Mountbatten = Windsor
– Bush family
– Vanderbilt / Cooper family
– Rothschilds
– Soros family
– Weinstein family

So the Bush Clan is from that ” Jewish” tribe…of the Khazars

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