Zionist ‘Jooz’ Against Trump

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Lest We Forget– Netanyahu to VP Pence– ‘Mike, from the first day I met you, I knew you were a true friend of Israel’
by TUT Editor
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Pence was approached about his part in overthrowing Trump via the 25th Amendmentby TUT Editor

ed note–the readers of this website will recall the predictions made here just a year ago in the aftermath of Pence’s visit to Israel where he met with Netanyahu and more than likely had the following conversation, to wit–

Netanyahu–How was your flight, Mr. Vice President?

Pence–Fine, Bibi, thanks for having me. God bless Israel and the Jewish people… L’Chaim!

Netanyahu–Yes indeed Mike–can I call you Mike?


Netanyahu–Ok, Mike, then let’s get down to business. As a devout Christian Zionist, a TRUE believer, you really do believe that the Jewish state is the embodiment of God on earth, right?

Pence–Yes, absolutely.

Netanyahu–And you adhere to that part in Genesis where it says ‘I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee,’correct?

Pence–Absolutely. The infallible words of God Almighty himself…

Netanyahu–Great. Ok then, let me ask you something, Mike–If something should happen to Trump–God forbid (here Netanyahu stifles a grin and a giggle) then with you ascending as President, Israel and the Jewish people–God’s chosen people–can count on you to guide your foreign policy along the lines of what appears in the book of Genesis, meaning that ‘bless thee and curse thee’ thing we just talked about, as well as all those various passages and protocols creating a Jewish state encompassing everything between the Nile and Euphrates, and all the rest of that, right Mike?

Pence–Right, right…

Netanyahu–Ok then, so again, if something should happen to Trump–God forbid (Netanyahu stifles a grin and a giggle yet again) we, the Jewish people, God’s chosen people, can count on you to drop all this nonsense about the ‘ultimate peace deal’ as your current President has been discussing since before he was even elected, right? And that if something were to happen to Trump, God forbid, as took place with the terrible tragedy of Kennedy’s assassination (Netanyahu stifles a grin and a giggle yet again, and only barely) you as President then would see to it that the special relationship between our two countries is drastically improved as took place under the administration of Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, correct?

Pence–Correct Bibi. I will always do what you see as best for Israel.

Netanyahu–Well, what more can I say then, Mr. Pres–I mean, Mr. Vice President, except ‘Welcome to Israel…L’ Chaim!’

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New rule change sharpens Dem investigations into Trump, fast-tracks Impeachment processby TUT Editor

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Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe says DOJ ‘talked 25th amendment’ in seeing Trump removed from officeby TUT Editor

ed note–jes’ in case there were any lingering nutters out there still clinging to the delusion that the entire ‘get Trump’ operation on the part of Judea, Inc’s Deep State is all ‘just an act’.

Remember as well that it is not the job of the FBI to engage in such ‘discussions’ and actions related to undermining a sitting President. They are a LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, nothing more, and have NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER in anything ‘political’.

If what McCabe said is true, then what it constitutes is TREASON on the part of those who engaged in it.

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The one thing Netanyahu said this week that may have just killed Trump’s Peace Plan
by TUT Editor
Netanyahu’s statement this week could be more significant for the future of Trump’s peace plan than anything other leaders in the Middle East have said about it so far. If, following the April 9 election Netanyahu does indeed form a coalition similar to the one he had over the past four years, there is absolutely zero chance of him making even the slightest concessions for peace, since he won’t have support for such concessions within his own government.ed note–The readers of this website will recall in the immediate aftermath of all the turmoil that erupted following Lieberman’s VERY dramatic resignation as Defense Minister and the collapse of the Netanyahu government that we (alone, by the way) said that this was done deliberately to scuttle Trump’s ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’, in that it is impossible to negotiate and then ratify what is for all intents and purposes a peace treaty between 2 factions that have been in a state of war with each other for close to a century if no functioning government exists. FURTHERMORE, it will be remembered by the readers of this website that we (almost alone)  predicted that what Netanyahu and the rest of the ultra right-wing religious nutcases will do is to stall as long as possible the formation of a new government, and then when they did finally get around to doing so, that it would be top-heavy with right-wing religious zealots who would be as inclined towards signing on to a peace deal with the Ishmaelites and Amalekites as syphilis is inclined to have a one-night stand with penicillin.Now, once again, this is not as much a past-tense case of ‘we told you so’ as much as it is a present tense case of ‘we are telling you so’. The ENTIRE ‘get Trump’ operation is aimed at preventing what it is that Trump intends to bring about in cooling things down in the Middle East, as imperfect as the entire paradigm may be. Considering the risks that were involved in the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and what it achieved for Judea, Inc–war in the Middle East and the centuries-long planned for ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Christian West and Islamic East–Israel cannot bank on achieving the same level of success in trying to bring about a ‘9/11, Pt. II’ in the aftermath of Trump throwing a bucket of ice-cold water on those flames of war which Israel ignited with her terrorist attacks against the US almost 20 years ago.The reason we point this out is that those who fancy themselves ‘troothers’ and ‘pro-Palestinian activists’ who now find themselves in the peculiar situation of shacking up with those same NeoCons trying to burn down the Trump White House need to understand that they now figure in exactly the same leading roles as those rage-driven Americans screeching for war against Islam in the aftermath of 9/11. Yes, back then it felt GREAT getting it out of their systems, but now–like any hangover–it is (or should be) obvious that maybe it wasn’t all that it was promised to be–a repeat of the 1st Gulf War that was over in a month and which showed the world what a real superpower America was when it came to making war.Trump wants the wars to end. The Jews hate him and are moving heaven, hell, and everything in between to get rid of him via the ‘Russian’ angle and Mueller. For any real ‘truther’ and someone who claims to fight for the dignity and human rights of the Palestinians, this is all they need to know, because rest assured, if the Jews get their way and either see Trump removed or his ‘ultimate peace deal’ DOA, then Israel WILL murder every single Palestinian remaining in the Middle East in a bloodbath that will make all the previous massacres appear like mere shouting matches, and then after having achieved this, will then move on to the bigger plans she has, the creation of ‘Greater Israel’ that will see the entire Middle East engulfed in Judaic ritual murder per the religious demands of the infernal book of hate known as the Torah.
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