Yahweh’s Chosenites From HELL; Woe to Those Who Think Evil is Good and Good is Evil-WOE to AMERICA!

Yahweh’s Chosen Land Thieves and Murderers threaten Palestinian family– ‘If you don’t leave this house, we will slaughter all your children in front of you’by TUT Editor

ed note–waiting for the obligatory chirping session now from some lecturing gatekeeper (or a group of them) who will claim that such business is not ‘religious’ but rather ‘secular,’ that it is all the product of ‘Zionism’ and of Herzl rather than of Moses, as well as the nonsense that it contradicts ‘true Judaism’ as it appears in the Torah which they will in equally-obligatory fashion claim is ‘holy, godly, and peaceful’, accompanied of course with the obligatory video featuring the lisping, bearded rabbis from Neturei Karta doing their chorus line performance that they always do and which unfortunately far too many ‘activists’ believe and accept at face value.

Since we are talking about the grisly business of murdering the innocent children of those parents who refuse to open the doors to their abodes and surrender their property to the invading, thieving Israelites, we just ran across an EXTREMELY interesting and eye-opening passage from the Torah–II Kings to be specific–where the King of Israel at that time named ‘Menahem’ (after whom the arch-terrorist Menachem Begin was named) is described thus–

‘At that time Menahem, King of Israel, attacked the town of Tiphsah and everyone in the city and its vicinity, and because they refused to open their gates to him, he sacked Tiphsah and then ripped open the bellies of all the women carrying child.’– 2 Kings 15:16

This is not Herzl or his book ‘The Jewish State’.

It’s not Moses Hess.

It is not Jabotinsky, nor Ovadiah Yosef, or Sarah Silverman, or AIPAC or any of the other creatures found these days slithering about and hissing like the brood of vipers that Jesus Christ described them as being.

This is Judaism, thousands of years old and sitting there, just waiting for rational, moral people to put under the spiritual microscope and study and understand–not for what they want it to be in accordance with their religiously-based emotionalism, but rather–WHAT IT IS.

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Jews Must Unite against Trump’s peace planby TUT Editor

American Jewish and Zionist organizations should not be sitting quietly on their hands, “waiting to see” what exactly the Trump Mideast peace plan will say. All one needs is a little logic and common sense to understand that whatever the details are, the essence of Trump’s plan will pose a great danger to Israel. We need to speak out now and STOP the plan from being put forward at all, because once it is unveiled, there will be a steamroller of pressure that will make it impossible to stop.

ed note–as we like to say, BY ALL MEANS, all the experts out there who think they know a thing or two about how things work in the complex and oftentimes convoluted world of geo-politics where Jewish interests play a disproportionately toxic role, pay no mind whatsoever to not only the unprecedented screeching campaign against Trump taking place at present, but as well, to glaringly important pieces such as this in getting a better understanding why there is this concerted move right now on the part of Judea, Inc to see this guy–

replaced with this guy–

Who obviously is the object of great affection on the part of  Benjamin Netanyahu.

But again, as we say often, pay no mind whatsoever, because all that is important in understanding the nature of this present conflict is that Trump’s daughter ‘converted’ to Orthodox Judaism and that he wore the pancake on his head when he went to Joo-roo-salem.

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Convicted murderer/terrorist Jew Elor Azaria supports fellow terrorist IDF soldiers charged with beating shackled Palestiniansby TUT Editor

Former IDF soldier demonstrates outside military courthouse, urges servicemen on trial to ‘stay strong,’ says no one should judge their actions

ed note–a few ‘protocols’ to keep in mind here.

Just as it was in the case involving Azaria, the terrorist Jew brought up on charges of manslaughter for shooting an already-immobilized Palestinian in the head when he posed no threat to those in his vicinity, likewise, the ONLY reason that Jewish thugs in the IDF were recently brought up on charges for having beat an innocent Palestinian father and his son is because it made the news, and in order to maintain the illusion that Israel is like the rest of the civilized nations of the world where the rule of law governs everything, they are willing to engage in this little ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’ drama in order to hide the fact that the Jewish state is a bloodthirsty theocracy where the only rule of law that applies is the one appearing in the pic below, to wit–

Having said that, all can rest assured that whatever legal charades that take place in dealing with the IDF thugs charged with beating the father and son will be just that–charades, because after all, the Jewish state is indeed THE JEWISH STATE, based upon Halachic religious rulings as to how everything is supposed to ‘roll’, and as the Torah makes clear in the passages from Deuteronomy quoted above, the ‘chosen’ warriors of yahweh are to show ‘no mercy’ whatsoever.

At least Azaria (accidentally) burped out a small portion of the truth when he said ‘all of Israel is behind them’, speaking of the thugs charged with beating the father and son.

Of course all of Israel is behind them, since, after all, Israel is ‘THE JEWISH STATE’.

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