Trump’s Emergency Declaration May Have Laid the Groundwork For His IMPEACHMENT

Trump’s emergency declaration may have just laid the groundwork for his impeachmentby TUT Editor
Abuse of presidential authority was one of the Articles of Impeachment brought against Nixon. This president could be next.ed note–the author of this piece, Michael Conway, was counsel for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee in the impeachment inquiry of President Richard M. Nixon in 1974, and while indeed possible, it is however unlikely that he just up and wrote this thing all by his lonesome without being prodded ahead of time to do so by the very same powerful interests of the non-Gentile persuasion who own the media, own Congress, and who are gunning full-bore to have Trump removed from office before he can get too far with his much-discussed ‘ultimate peace deal’ that will finally impose legally recognized/legally mandated borders upon a particular political entity in the Middle East that believes it has no borders.It is also interesting to note the following–Trump is CONSTANTLY being compared to Nixon. Now, on the surface, all the usual reasons why his enemies would do so is obvious–Nixon (like Hitler) has been subjected since the time of his resignation to a 24/7/365 character assassination operation and–as one former diplomat theorized–due to Nixon trying to forge/force a ‘peace deal’ between Izzy and the Palestinians.But there is slightly more to this as well.The central piece of lore surrounding Nixon and his infamous fall from grace features the infamous ‘break-in’ at the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters located in the Watergate hotel complex and what was characterized by Nixon’s enemies as his attempts at circumventing or quashing entirely the subsequent investigations that followed in the wake of this infamous ‘break-in’ at the DNC.Coincidentally (or not) a good portion of the lore surrounding Trump and the ‘Russian meddling’ vis the 2016 elections features an almost mirrored image of what is said to have taken place in 1972 with the illegal forced entry at the DNC by pro-Nixon operatives–the hacking of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s email account at–drumrole please–the DNC headquarters, which led to the acquisition of a treasure trove of embarrassing dirty laundry that is said to have given Trump a ‘leg-up’ when voting time arrived and which led to Clinton–the Neo-Con/AIPAC favorite between the 2–being defeated.It is also interesting to note the following relevant historical tidbit–In 1974, Hillary Rodham played a central behind-the-scenes role in helping the House Judiciary Committee move forward with its plans of Impeaching Nixon, as she was one for the legal councils–along with the author of this piece–who advised the committee on the procedural rules for removing Nixon.Which is why there is more bite to Trump’s enemies’ assertions vis ‘Russian meddling’ than just bark. If even a rudimentary amount of the lore surrounding the shenanigans of the 2016 election are true vis a vis the role that Russia may have played in manipulating social media in helping Trump win the Presidency, than what it means is that–1. AIPAC, the uncontested, undefeated king-maker/king-breaker that has not lost an election since it changed from being the American Zionist Council to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in order to avoid federal criminal charges for failing to register as an agent of a foreign power, was beaten in the last election with the help of a country long-viewed as an adversary and as an existential threat to the Jewish state–Russia. What it also intimates is that if this process succeeded once, it can succeed again, and not just in taking the presidency out of the hands of Israel, but 535 seats in Congress as well.2. The forces arrayed against Trump are not there merely ‘for show’ as so many one-dimensional ‘experts’ claim in their various statements and positions. The antagonism on display 24/7 from the ENTIRE spectrum–left to right and everything in between–by those individuals and entities making up the ‘Deep State’ that have functioned as agents of a foreign power in controlling US foreign and domestic policy for decades is every bit as much the real deal as it appears, as well as all the talk of Impeachment and the implementation of the provisions of the 25th Amendment.Read more of this post

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