Rep Al Green, D-TX, Gets AIPAC Money…to Impeach Trump (See His NET Worth-$4.5 Million)

Democratic Rep. Al Green calls for impeachment of Trump a 3rd timeby TUT Editor

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, on Thursday issued his third call to impeach President Trump, despite two previous efforts failing to generate enough support in Congress.

ed note–and, once again folks, keep in mind just who rules the roost in Congress and ask what the reaction would be if a candidate were to raise the issue of either–

1. Beginning a Congressional investigation into Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY

2. Beginning a Congressional investigation into the ‘5 dancing Israelis’ arrested in NJ on the morning of 9/11

3. Beginning a Congressional debate into dropping all monetary, political and military support for Israel

etc, etc, etc…

The resulting tsunami of screeching would be, well, simply apocalyptic. Any ‘kept’ Congressman/woman utilizing the office which they won with Israel’s help through AIPAC would find themselves on the receiving end of a tidal wave of holy hell that would include a battalion of sudden ‘investigations’ into such-and-such criminal charges of x, y, and z similar in all respects to what is being done to Trump.

The long and short of it being–all the noise taking place in Congress in trying to remove a sitting President who has signaled that he intends to bring about some resolution–as imperfect as it may be–to the decades-old Jewish/Arab problem in the Middle East is ONLY being permitted to take place with Israel’s blessings, something which all those holding proud membership in the ‘Trump is owned by d’Jooz’ brigade cult need to consider before enjoining their own energies to those of Netanyahu and his retinue of scoundrels seeking Trump’s political demise.

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