Yellow Vest Protestors Encouraging Run on France’s Rothschild Central Bank

“Yellow Vest” Protesters Encouraging Run on French Banks

By infostormer -January 9, 20192

You have to give the “Yellow Vest” protesters a great deal of credit. They’re openly attacking the true instruments of Jewish power. One of those power centers is the Jew-run banking system. It is a good sign to see them encouraging people to withdraw their money from them. The goal being to cause a run on the banks thus making the banks insolvent.


Activists from a French protest movement encouraged supporters Wednesday to set off a bank run by emptying their accounts, while the government urged citizens to express their discontent in a national debate instead of weekly demonstrations disrupting the streets of Paris.

Activists from the yellow vest movement, which started with protests over fuel tax increases, recommended the massive cash withdrawals on social media. One protester, Maxime Nicolle called it the “tax collector’s referendum.”

“We are going to get our bread back … You’re making money with our dough, and we’re fed up,” Nicolle said in a video message.

The movement’s adherents said they hoped the banking action will force the French government to heed their demands, especially giving citizens the right to propose and vote on new laws.

Black Pigeon Speaks which is one of the few right leaning YouTube channels that hasn’t been banned yet did a video dissecting the situation. He doesn’t talk about the Jews, but he does briefly reference the Jewish Rothschild family. The overall analysis is good.

It appears as if Emmanuel Macron’s corruption and his previous role as a banker has caused many in the French public to connect the dots. The Jewish banking system is an enormous problem that needs to be addressed. It’s nothing but high tech usury and fraud.SHAREFacebookTwitter

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