WeAreChange on Yellow Vests Protests in Paris

Just before Luke was about to go live from the streets of Paris to cover the Yellow Vest protests a large explosion ripped through the streets only blocks away. Join him on his chaotic journey through the actual wreckage and let this be a reminder of how dangerous the job of independent media truly is.I Am Lucky To Be AliveI want to start this off by saying how fortunate I am to even be sharing this story with you, and I want to thank all of those who have reached out and supported my work over the years because without you none of this is possible.

As I was getting ready to go live for round 9 of the Yellow Vest Protests an explosion occurred and shook me to my very core. Instinct kicked in and I began my broadcast while I walked a little over a block to see what had occurred. Some of the carnage I witnessed I chose not to share, but I have to say it was an experience that will stay with me forever.

Obviously, I was unaware it was a gas leak at the time and feared the protests would not even occur because a car bomb had gone off after all ISIS had threatened to attack the protests. Thankfully I was wrong. After taking some time to get past what I had just gone through I found the location of many of the protestors and began reporting from the ground once more. It is only because of you that this is even possible and I want to thank you for it, without your donations I would be unable to continue such important work.The media may be trying to ignore these protests and outright lie that they are dwindling in numbers, however, it is clear that the people will continue to escalate their efforts until their collective voices are heard. Police again used hardball tactics, this time by utilizing water cannons of which yours truly was a victim of, but this was a minor inconvenience in light of so many people standing up to the tyranny of government.

And remember we will be going live at 7pm eastern tonight and every Sunday here, plus come by and join the conversation!click picture for videoHEADLINES
Luke brings you live coverage of the Yellow Vests as protests take over the streets of Paris once again. Chaos erupts and the police deploy water cannons on the protestors, a true must watch.
In this video, Luke is on the ground with the people, as they protest Macron, the bureaucracy, and much much more.
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Yellow Vest Bank Run As Water Canon Blasts Everyone

Yellow Vest Bank Run As Water Canon Blasts EveryonePosted: 12 Jan 2019 01:30 PM PSTIn this video, we give you HD footage from Paris on the 9th week of Yellow Vests protests as water cannons blast the crowd.https://teespring.com/stores/wearechangeSUBSCRIBE TO PREMIUM CONTENT!Sign Up To our email – http://eepurl.com/dJE522Visit our MAIN SITE for more breaking news https://wearechange.org/PATREON https://www.patreon.com/WeAreChange?a…FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/LukeWeAreChangeTWITTER: https://twitter.com/LukewearechangeINSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/lukewearechangeSTEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@lukewearechangeOH YEAH since we are not corporate or government owned help us out https://wearechange.org/donateWe take Crypto CoinsBitcoin – 1F6oeUnhXfr5UMC95apbJg7CLjm3BUrT8VDash – XiZebHViTKxjngJ8U8Gekbz34XDcMjKe29ETH – 0x9124589c4eAD555F04a7214214c86EA80E129abBBittube – bxdigY3LEr3hL2cScYqTJaiafeDxhpt9bK9FcxXbkuFeDyc9sZfF97iAmqSPR6NyfQ8wp34d7PeAU95gsZYQBp

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