Using Orphans, Handicapped Children For Vaccine Experiments & Journalist Who Broke Mueller Deleting Text Messages DIES

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Journalist Who Broke Story Of Mueller Deleting Text Messages Dies Mysteriously
Can we look at these incidences based on the facts as well as by recognizing patterns, before we jump to either accept or reject possible explanations?
‘Godfather of Vaccines’ Admits Using Orphans, Handicapped Children & More For Vaccine Experiments
Dr. Stanley Plotkin, known as one of the fathers of vaccines, reveals some disturbing facts about testing vaccines on orphans, colonial ruled populations, babies whose mothers are in prison, and mentally handicapped children.
David Wilcock: “I Was Threatened By The Rothschild’s”
David Wilcock claims that in a recent phone call he received, he was threatened by the Rothschild’s to ‘dump Corey Goode’. His and Corey’s life was threatened during the call.
Latest Video
How A Referendum Initiated By The Citizens Works – The Solution To Our Enslavement
Referendum Initiated By The Citizen #RIC. This is quite possibly the most powerful solution we have seen to take power back and remove the elite from government. I first heard this through Roman Light and have been following up with it and adding to it since.
Latest Podcast
#32 – The Yellow Vest Movement
Joe discusses the Yellow Vest Movement and the sweep it is making across the world. He dives into some deeper reflections about what our political system truly represents and how this relates to what the Yellow Vest are asking for. Ultimately, we explore a solution to our current challenges in what is called the RIC. Referendum Initiated by Citizens.
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