US Hasidic Jews Arrested in Ukraine For Vandalizing Statue of Jesus Christ

US Hasidic Jews arrested in Ukraine for vandalizing statue of Jesus Christ
by TUT editor

Pilgrims from Bratslav sect filmed destroying sculpture’s arm and leg, community says it will ‘bribe’ authorities to release suspects

ed note–Historically-documented Jewish behavior on display here and with all the ‘tropes’, ‘canards’, and stereotypes as well–

1. Judaic hatred of Jesus Christ, not as a result of ‘2,000 years of persecution and of anti-Shemitism’, but rather the  visceral, organic hatred for a liberator who sought to free Jews from the mental/spiritual paralysis and prison that they have called ‘home’ for thousands of years.

2. The reaction on the part of the Christians there in Uman–a case study of every act of ‘anti-Shemtism’ on the part of Christians going back 20 centuries. Jews engage in violent, barbaric behavior, Christians react (oftentimes in order to save their very lives) and Jews scream ‘ANTI-SHEMITISM!!!’

and finally, drum role please–

3. Graft, corruption, and back-room, underhanded deals that allow Jews to escape the long arm of the law as evidenced by the testimony of one of them saying that the authorities would be ‘bribed’ in securing the release of the guilty culprits.

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My Comment: Now that Ukraine is a part of the ZIONIST Controlled EU as are the U.S., Canada, Britain, etc. they will get away with this as Zionists generally are against Jesus Christ. Welcome to the real world Zionist Supporting Christians!

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