M16-The British Role in Coup Against Trump

Part I: The British Role in the Coup Against the President Is Now Exposed. Will You Act Now to Save the Nation?

Understanding the ferocity of the attacks on Donald Trump and our Constitution may seem to be a head scratcher. Is it really just due to Barack Obama and Hillary partisans at the top levels of the Justice Department, conspiring with a bunch of know-nothing, hot-headed, politically correct millennials and sour Deep State apparatchiks in the news media—the meme favored by Fox News? If so, why isn’t the President being more effectively defended? Is the Deep State simply the permanent American administrative bureaucracy which lives on, relentlessly, like a slime mold, in the swamps of…READ MOREJanuary 10, 2019LeadArticles

The Underlying Positive World Dynamic the British Empire is Trying to Hide from You

The Underlying Positive World Dynamic the British Empire is Trying to Hide from You

Listening to the Western news media, you would think the world is all chaos, no ordering principle whatsoever. However, stepping back and putting U.S. and European ‘current events’ in context of what’s occurring worldwide, it is easier to see what’s going on in the West is an establishment reaction to the positive forces of change shaping up across the globe. Xi-Kim talks are moving forward, foreshadowing a possible second Trump-Kim summit, potential progress in U.S.-China trade talks, Trump decision to pull U.S. out of Syria, in conjunction with Astana process, China’s successful Chang’e…READ MOREJanuary 11, 2019Webcast

LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – January 11, 2019

Is Science Subversive? Who Is Trying To Prevent US-China Space Collaboration?

The Chinese landing on the lunar far side is a great achievement for all mankind. However, the laws of the United States currently prevent NASA from collaborating with the Chinese space agency and a McCarthy-like environment of fear pervades the scientific community, preventing the necessary partnerships between American, Chinese, and Russian space scientists. Brian Lantz, an activist from Houston TX, home of the Johnson Space Center, joins us to expose the history of dirty operations against the scientific community going all the way back to Albert Einstein, and to discuss what must be…READ MORE

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