NATO is a Danger! NOT a Guarantor of Peace (TRUE)

Ron Wieczorek

8 hrs · 

Trump Defended for Questioning NATO: “NATO is a Danger, Not a
Guarantor of Peace”

Jan. 18, 2019 (EIRNS)–The former editor of {The American
Conservative}, Robert Merry, defended President Trump for raising
a discussion of leaving NATO, in an article with the above title
published by {TAC}. “Status quo supporters like the New York
Times poke fun at Trump for questioning the alliance. But who’s
the fool?,” he asks. It’s fine to say that NATO “deterred Soviet
and Russian aggression,” but for only 40 years, not 70 as the
{New York Times},, claim, because in 1989, the Soviet
Union disappeared.
“The threat went away…. It was a time of celebration….
[bu] rather than accepting as a great benefit the favorable
developments enhancing Western security … the West turned NATO
into a territorial aggressor of its own, absorbing nations that
had been part of the Soviet sphere of control and pushing right
up to the Russian border…. a policy of encirclement, which no
nation can accept without protest or pushback,” he wrote.
Trump is being ridiculed for questioning NATO, because while
the voices of those who understand that “geopolitical
circumstances might require a changed geopolitical strategy” are
drowned out, “you can’t drown out Donald Trump because he’s
president of the United States.”
Merry calls Trump a “crude figure” (“as a politician he
often seems like a doctor attempting to perform open-heart
surgery while wearing mittens”), but he suggests that Henry
Kissinger was onto something when he told the {Financial Times}
in a recent interview: “I think Trump may be one of those figures
in history who appears from time to time to mark the end of an
era and to force it to give up its old pretenses….
“Kissinger has a point about the man,” Merry writes.
“America and the world have changed, while the old ways of
thinking have not kept pace. The pretenses of the old have
blinded the status quo defenders into thinking nothing has
changed. Trump, almost alone among contemporary American
politicians, is asking questions to which the world needs new
answers. NATO, in its current configuration and outlook, is a
danger to peace, not a guarantor of it.”

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