If/When Trump Pulls US Out of NATO (Bravo!)

The nightmare fallout for Israel if/when Trump pulls the US out of NATO
by TUT editor
Trump pulling the U.S. out of NATO increases Israel’s vulnerability just when threats to its security are intensifying. Netanyahu must use all his influence to dissuade Trump from following throughed note–and once again, there it is, staring the entire world in the face and yet how few recognize it for what it is.1. The bill of goods the world has been sold (and is sold to this day) is that Israel is nothing less than the divine handiwork and signature of GAAAAAAWD himself, the same GAAAAAAAWD that performed all sorts of really neat miracles in order to bring his CHOSEN people into that PROMISED land flowing with milk and honey. Plagues, locusts, frogs, hemma-roids, the angel of death, parting the Red Sea, the pillar of fire at night, and the sandstorm during the day, etc, etc, etc.In short, the Jewish state–if indeed it is what it claims to be–does not need NATO. It does not need America, her money, her military, her political protection, none of it. She has GAAAAAAAWD on her side so let HIM protect Israel, the apple of his eye. But let’s just cut right to the chase as to what the entire NATO thing is all about–It is Judea’s private army for prowling about the world and destroying whomever Israel has decided needs to be destroyed as part and parcel of her millenia-old plans for world domination, plain and simple, and without America in the driver’s seat of this death machine, those plans cannot/will not materialize.2. Equally important as all of this though is the fact that once again–surprise, surprise–Donald J. Trump is doing something that some pretty important and influential people of the Judaic pedigree are saying is baaaaaaad for Israel, the same Donald Trump who an entire flock of geese out there selling themselves as geo-political ‘experts’ are constantly honking is a puppet for Jewry and who was put into office by Jewry to start WWIII.Please pay close attention to the obvious angst and kvetching on the part of our unesteemed former ‘American’ ambassador to Israel D.P. Shapiro entertains towards a resurgent and assertive Russia led by Vladimir Putin, another leader whom the honking geese brigade within ‘duh mooooovmnt’ claim is also ‘owned by Djooz’. Read more of this post

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