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A Russian politician, Alexei Didenko, took an ice-bucket challenge in Moscow in 2014 to protest what he called “anti-Russian American propaganda.”-Credit Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters  NY Times: Why Russians Hate America. Again.By SABRINA TAVERNISEDispatch from Moscow

  Reporting from Moscow, deceitful douche-bag Sabrina Tavernise vomits out a classic textbook case of “Ugly Americanism” combined with “Yellow Journalism”. In the insular world in which this New York Slimes “expert” on Russia dwells, America can do no wrong. So if Russians now “hate” America; well, it can only be because they are stupid, crazy, or both!Unfortunately, Yahoo and MSN quickly picked up on this latest anti-Russian Sulzbergerian filth and feautured it on Internet front pages for millions of unsuspecting Americans to stumble across. Let us slice and dice some portions of this outrageous and offensive bit of propaganda masquerading as psycho-analysis.  Ms. Know-Nothing libtard psuedo-intellectual thinks that her B.A. degree. in Russian Studies from Barnard College qualifies her to psycho-analyze Russians.  *****Tavernise:  On a warm August evening, I found myself sitting with three educated young Russians at a chain restaurant….Analysis:   This isn’t related to the subject; but why must these sophist snobs always categorize people as either “educated” or “uneducated” — presumably based upon the possession of a college degree? Is it really necessary to hold a University degree in order to be able to think and form logical opinions? Every article and book that your “college educated” humble reporter / author here has ever written is derived from self-instruction not obtained in college.Tavernise:  … whose gaudy décor includes human-size figures of Porky Pig and Marilyn Monroe.Analysis: Subtle cheap shot. Who cares about the “gaudy decor” of this Russian restaurant. Are you writing a news story or a cheap romance novel here?Tavernise: They had invited me to join their table, inside a green convertible car, after I had asked a few reporter-type questions about their country. But all talk kept leading to America.“America is trying to encircle us,” said Kristina Donets, 29, …. “We have finally risen out of chaos and you don’t like that.”Analysis: Kristina Donets of Moscow is correct. We’ll forgive Sabrina’s wise crack about the “gaudy decor”. So far, so good, Ms. Tavernise.Tavernise: Reporting in Russia after more than a decade away felt a lot like visiting an old friend. It is where I owned my first car, met my husband and first worked as a journalist.Analysis: With this bit of mushy nostalgia, Tavernise is establishing her credentials as an “objective” and even pro-Russian analyst.Tavernise: But the friend had changed.Analysis: Here it comes!Tavernise:  In some ways, it was for the better. People were wealthier — despite the recent decline in the ruble and jump in inflation — and better traveled. The kindhearted woman who hosted me when I first moved to Moscow in 1997 said it best: “We don’t have to wash out our plastic bags anymore.”Her tiny salary had quadrupled since I’d last seen her. She had taken her first trip abroad — a package tour to Tunisia.Analysis: “Wealthier” — “better traveled” — “salaries quadrupled”. Wow! Good for Russia! — But one can almost smell the other stinky Sulzbergerian shoe about to drop. The ‘dropping of the other shoe’ — One of the oldest journalistic propaganda tricks in the book. Tavernise: But there was a darker side.Analysis: Here it is!
Tavernise: Society had grown more defensive, and self-conscious, like a teenager constantly looking at herself in the mirror.Translation: Russians (by Tavernise’s own admission) have been to hell and back. With the memories of the 1990’s suffering still fresh, the “defensive” and “self-conscious” Russians are determined to never again go back to the bad old days of Harvard-Wall Street-DC economic hit-men raping and robbing their country.Tavernise:  Oligarchs had always had exit ramps — a house in London and a second passport — but now my own friends were looking for escape routes.Analysis: Sabrina, with Putin’s approval rating at 90% (which even the Slimes does not dispute), the only people possibly looking to “escape” Russia are western-funded subversives and degenerate commie-pinkos. So thanks for telling us who your “friends” actually are.Tavernise: Intellectuals pointed me to books on Berlin in the 1920s and the concept of “ressentiment,’’ a philosophical term that describes a simmering resentment and sense of victimization arising out of envy of a perceived enemy.Analysis: Bull-Shine! “Envy” has nothing to do with Russian “ressentiment.” (What’s with the French twist? Why can’t you self-absorbed sophist “intellectuals” just say “resentment”?) Like the Russians of the 1990’s, the Germans of the 1920’s went hungry and cold due to the Judeo-Western plunder of their respective nations. Sabrina, did these “intellectual” friends of yours ever read the Treaty of Versailles? Have they not heard of the Yeltsin years? The REAL cause of “ressentiment” –The western allies destroyed Germany and Russia. 1- 1920’s German woman uses hyper-inflated money to light her stove2- Read ‘Darkness at Dawn: The Rise of the Russian Criminal State’, by David Satter — The book explains how 1990’s Russia was almost as bad as 1920’s Germany! Tavernise: It often has its roots in a culture’s feeling of impotence. In Berlin in the early 20th century, it helped explain the rise of German fascism.Analysis: Should the Germans have allowed themselves to be starved to death?
Tavernise: In Russia in August, it seemed to have many targets: Ukraine….Analysis: Lie of omission: The regime in Ukraine is a U.S. puppet gangster state installed by a violent coup.
Tavernise: … gay peopleAnalysis: Russians don’t want fags propagandizing their children. What’s wrong with that? How is it any of your damn business?Tavernise: …. European dairy productsAnalysis: The American-owned European Union started this sanctions war, not Russia!
Tavernise: … and above all the United States.Analysis: How dare those Russians resent the “exceptional nation”. What have we ever done wrong?Tavernise: “America stuffs its democracy in our face,” bellowed a cabdriver named Kostya in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. (His main beef was with the “propaganda of pederasts,” using a derogatory word used to describe homosexuals, a few weeks after the Supreme Court’s approval of gay marriage.)Analysis: She probably invented this “cab driver” and put words in his “bellowing” mouth. Nonetheless, if indeed he exists, and if the words are his — is he not correct in “bellowing” that pedophilia is spreading throughout the sex-obsessed West?Tavernise:  “If you’re saying yes, yes, yes, all the time and nodding your head, well sometimes you have to say no,” he said, explaining that Russia had finally stood up to the United States.Analysis: You know, Sabrina; this “cab-driver” of yours is actually far more “educated” than your “intellectual” Russian friends.Tavernise: …. the current opinion of America, which this year sank to its lowest level since the Soviet Union collapsed nearly 24 years ago, according to polling by the Levada Analytical Center in Moscow.Analysis: People do not suddenly turn and “hate” for no reason at all. The American government must have done something to piss off the people of Russia. What say you, Dr. Tavernise?
Tavernise: Anti-Americanism is more potent now because it is stirred up and in many ways sponsored by the state, an effort that Russians, despite their hard-bitten cynicism, seem surprisingly susceptible to.Analysis: Oh. I get it now! The Russian people are stupid and brainwashed. For a moment there I was worried that Russians hate the U.S. for surrounding the country with military bases and nuclear tipped missiles, fomenting color revolution attempts, organizing international sanctions, slandering their popular President 24/7, secretly arming “rebel” terrorist scum in Chechnya, expanding NATO right up to their borders, harassing Russians abroad, browbeating Russia to normalize homosexuality, and a whole host of other dirty tricks. It’s good to know that “they” are the “crazy” people — not us. Patriotic Russians are sick and tired of NATO expansion and NGO rent-a-mobs. 
 Tavernise: Independent voices are all but gone from Russian television, and most channels now march to the same, slickly produced beat.Analysis: Project much, bitch?Tavernise: Virtually any domestic problem is cast as a geopolitical standoff between Russia and America….Analysis: Sabrina! Your own newspaper has reported, on numerous occasions, that western sanctions are hurting Russia domestically. Though The Slimes exaggerates the impact, the sanctions have indeed created some difficulties.
Tavernise: …and political unrest anywhere is portrayed as having an American State Department official lurking behind it.Analysis: Again, it is a known fact, as confirmed by your own Globalist newspaper, that the U.S. State Department confers and consults with “opposition leaders” of Russia.Tavernise: “America wants to destroy us, humiliate us, take our natural resources.” said Lev Gudkov, director of Levada, the polling center, describing the rhetoric, with which he strongly disagrees. “But why? For what? There is no explanation.”Analysis: Quoting the sarcastic Putin-hater Lev Gudlov (cough-cough)? “No explanation” for Russian resentment? Are you frickin’ kidding me, Sabrina?
Tavernise: During my visit, Russians were thinking about America a lot —- in the way of a spurned lover who keeps sending angry texts long after the breakup.Analysis: Blah blah blah — Russians are crazy envious psychotic losers and libtarded America is great. Such an “intellectual” analysis, eh Sabrina?Tavernise: “Tell her how well we all live, how much better than in Europe and how wonderful Crimea is now,” hissed a woman in a skintight dress to someone I was interviewing.Analysis: The imaginary woman “hissed” (psycho!), and wore a “skin-tight dress” (slut!). Sabrina, you are really going down hill fast. The insane America-hating Russians from The Tales of Sabrina Tavernise: An alleged cab-driver “bellows”  — An alleged women in a skin-tight dress “hisses”. Tavernise: She was referring to the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed last year.Analysis: “Annexed” (palm-face-sigh). After 97% of the people on Crimea voted to reunify with their Russian homeland.
Tavernise:  Inside Russia, Mr. Putin’s actions in Crimea have broken friendships and split families.Analysis: Oh Bull-Shine! The reunification with Crimea was as popular among Russians as it was among Crimeans. “Split families” my ass!
Tavernise:  Politics, once everyone’s obsession, now seems like a distant land no one visits. Those who do, pay a price.Analysis: If Russia is so politically repressive; then why are trouble-making propagandists like you and your notorious Slimes colleagues Andrew Kramer (cough-cough) and David Herszenhorn (cough-cough) still permitted to operate from Moscow?  Exactly what “price” has the handful of pro-western stooges who opposed the Crimea reunification had to “pay”, Sabrina. Please, be specific.
Tavernise:  Mr. Gudkov said he felt like “a Jew in Hitler’s Germany” when he opposed the Crimea annexation.Analysis: Mr. Gudkov (cough-cough) is evidently still alive and well and giving interviews to the Slimes. Again, we aks, what “price” has he paid for his subversive activities? Stop with the sophist platitudes and answer the damn question! Tavernise: “It’s like a divorce,” said Keith Darden, a political-science professor at American University. “They are saying: ‘the relationship we had is over. —- We’re doing our own thing now. But they don’t know what their own thing is.”Analysis: Wrong Professor pointy-head! The Russian nation has a 1000 year history. They have a far greater sense of who they are and where they want to go than the degenerate and dying baby state of America ever will. Tavernise:  What is the Kremlin’s grand strategy? Many Russian liberals I talked to believe there isn’t one.Analysis: You see, libtards only talk to other libtards. Sabrina, that is why you will never grow as a person.
Tavernise:  Dmitry Volkov, a journalist who took part in the 2011 protests against Mr. Putin, compared the annexation, and Russia’s subsequent military action in eastern Ukraine, to a mugging that ends in accidental murder.“They keep crossing boundaries only to find that once they are across, it’s only logical to cross the next one,” he said. “That’s not a strategy. That’s a behavioral pattern.”Analysis: Sabrina quotes yet another Russian libtard-traitor to support her false narrative. Why doesn’t she just interview the skanks from “Pussy Riot?” *****Do you see how this evil she-devil played this? She started out by quoting a few “bellowing” and “hissing” pro-Russians (who probably existed only in her warped imagination), and then descended into paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of putrid propaganda and high-sounding quotes from “intellectuals”. This gave the illusion that representatives for “both sides” of the matter were given voice — the former being brainwashed nut-jobs, the latter being learned scholars.Very sneaky, Sabrina. Very sneaky.  Sabrina’s Selective Sources1- Lev Gudkov (cough-cough) is a relentless anti-Putin agitator.2- Keith Darden is a member of the Globalist Council on Foreign Relations.Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Putin is promoting hatred towards America. Boobus Americanus 2: I’m surprised the Russian people are falling for that. It’s a sign of insecurity and envy on their part.
 Editor: “Boobus! How many countries has Putin bombed, subverted, threatened or invaded? ZERO! 
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