Crooked Cop, Mueller, Goes After Trump Just Like He Went After LaRouche With Fake Dossier Representing British

LaRouchePAC on Three Part Series
(Same Legal Thug, Mueller, Going After Trump Like He Went after LaRouche)
I want to take this opportunity to thank personally our most dedicated and engaged audience: those who follow our daily emails. As many of you know, I’m the author of the three part series posted over the past few days on the LaRouchePAC website exposing the open British role in the coup against Donald Trump. Previously, I wrote the LaRouchePAC pamphlet on our Torquemada, Special Counsel Robert Mueller. I came by my knowledge through what some would call the school of hard knocks. I was a first hand witness to British Intelligence’s call for Lyndon LaRouche’s head, the FBI’s ready and extralegal execution of that demand, with the ground laid by a bunch of major media outlets who all met in a media salon, organized by the MI6/CIA connected spook, New York investment banker John Train. The purpose of the Train meetings was to launch a defamation barrage against LaRouche in order to create, in their words, “the climate” for a criminal prosecution. Robert Mueller supervised the first prosecution of LaRouche which was full of defamatory leaks to the press in order to influence the jury pool and other gestapo tactics. Federal Judge Robert Keeton found that prosecution to be infected with “systemic prosecutorial misconduct” and when the case mistried, the jurors said that they would have voted not guilty because the government was clearly after LaRouche. You would think it would have stopped right there. But, it didn’t. Like Trump, the thugs were fixed on their target. They commenced a second prosecution in Alexandria, Virginia, with a hostile judge and a more favorable jury pool, winning a conviction.Can you donate to LaRouchePAC? – We need funds to increase our writing, production, and reach.Ever since, I have studied Mueller, the British, our intelligence community, the media, and the Department of Justice. Now, with the very same forces and plot line conducting an open coup in the United States against our President, I am struck by the fact that we can now get rid of this horrendous apparatus, but only by fighting harder and exposing them further. And they are now more exposed than they ever have been in history thanks to the fact that Donald Trump has guts. But, to do our part, we need money to circulate what we are writing and covering every day on the website about this coup and its international dimensions. This is something you will find covered nowhere else.So, please, help us do this by donating as much as you feasibly can. Thanks again. Let’s win.Barbara Boyd
Treasurer, LaRouchePAC

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