Giuliani Says Assange Should NOT Be Prosecuted
Feature Picture Shows Who Is Behind THIS Wrongful Prosecution

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Julian Assange
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Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, said Monday that WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange had done “nothing wrong” and should not go to jail for disseminating stolen information just as major media does.

“Let’s take the Pentagon Papers,” Giuliani told Fox News. “The Pentagon Papers were stolen property, weren’t they? It was in The New York Timesand The Washington Post. Nobody went to jail at The New York Times and The Washington Post.”

Giuliani said there were “revelations during the Bush administration” such as Abu Ghraib. “All of that is stolen property taken from the government, it’s against the law. But once it gets to a media publication, they can publish it,” Giuliani said, “for the purpose of informing people.”- Advertisement –

“You can’t put Assange in a different position,” he said. “He was a guy who communicated.”

Giuliani said, “We may not like what [Assange] communicates, but he was a media facility. He was putting that information out,” he said. “Every newspaper and station grabbed it, and published it.”

My Comment: Bobble Head Hillary Clinton is Behind all this and she operated on behalf of the BRITISH EMPIRE which includes the Rothschild Zionists, City of London Banksters, Wall Street Banksters and British Monarchy AKA “Jews” or Ashkenazi Jews-Fake Jews AKA Synagogue of Satan.

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