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* Reliance luggable loo:
* Portable toilet snap on lid for 5 gallon bucket:
* Reliance waste bags:
* Compost toilets:

Article about ChristChurch, NZ, long term compost toilets:


As a lifetime trucker, I kept the folding campers toilet in the tractor for roadside issues, also a bottle for urine, after arriving I’d take the doubled up trash bag and put in the nearest garbage can along with the jug, sometimes I’d empty the jug and rinse then put some propyl alcohol in it and shake then dump. I carried hand soap and rolls of T.P. in plastic bags. Sometimes the nearest toilet was 20 miles away or it’s snowing/raining/freezing or simply no facilities available. Hope this helps.

Tooshie G

  Instead, invest in a toilet seat – it’s easy to keep sanitary. I also suggest two buckets. One for liquid and one for solid. It’s easy to dispose of the liquid. The solids will need to be disposed of separately. Cyanogen chloride forms when chlorine reacts with nitrogen in urine. It acts like tear gas, roughing up your eyes, nose and lungs, and it’s classified as an agent of chemical warfare! Don’t spray clorox into the buckets!! Google this to learn more. For solids, borox or kitty litter is good. For liquid, something like Super-Sorb or other gel agent will congeal the liquid and it’s smell. Also, look into a product calld Quat Stat. It’s is a broad spectrum disinfectant, cleaner, fungicide, mildewcide, virucide and deodorizer for cleaning hard surfaces, deodorizing, and it is rinse free – that saves on water!. You don’t need a lot. But if disease is a concern it’s better than bleach. – – oh by the way – all of these items, including bleach – the product must sit on the surface for 30 minutes to allow the germs and bugs to be killed. You can’t just spray it on and wipe it off.
  I have used a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat on it, covered pee and poop with sawdust, and washed my hands with soap and water after at permaculture courses, and no one got sick from using it. We didn’t need all that poisonous hand sanitizers and disinfectants afterwards. My grandparents didn’t have running water toilets and they lived to be an old age, and as I bet a lot of your ancestors have too. They probably didn’t die of cancer from using all that toxic stuff and filling the landfill with toxic stuff that leaches into the groundwater. The 5 gallon bucket system does not stink, and many tiny homes have used it in their bathrooms without smelling up the place or creating an unhealthy environment.
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My Comment:  You can get a bedside commode from a medical equipment supply store in your neighborhood and avoid Amazon.  The bedside commode costs about $100 and has a small bucket that can easily be emptied in a hole in your yard.  Then you only need a shovel.