Trump’s Surprise Syria Pullout

How They Do It– ‘Trump’s surprise Syria pullout a giant Christmas gift to our enemies’by TUT editor

So much for Trump’s conceit that he is the most pro-Israel president ever. A U.S. withdrawal from Syria will entrench the Islamic Republic of Iran on Israel’s doorstep,  damage that vastly outweighs the empty symbolism of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

ed note–and, here we go again, ladies and Gentile-men…

The author of this piece, Max Boot–

Is a lying, Zionist gangster whose job as an asset working for Israeli intelligence is to seduce Ma & Pa Kettle of America into singing onto the thousand year mortgage known as the ‘clash of civilizations’ featuring little GI Joe and GI Joan in starring roles. As an asset working for Israeli intelligence, he–along with the rest of the members of his team such as Eliot Cohen, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, Jennifer Rubin, Charles Krauthammer et al–has been unrelenting in his drive to convince the American people of the necessity of removing Trump from office, a fact that has been covered here ad nauseum for over 2 years but which unfortunately has had little effect on the ‘orange man bad’ brigade within the 9/11 ‘trooth muuvmnt’ that in large part can now be quantitatively added to the rest of the machinery which Judea, Inc uses in furthering it aims, which can be summed up in 3 main points–





Please note the very last sentence in Boot’s subtitle referring to Trump’s Joo-roo-salem decision as mere ’empty symbolism’ and how as far as the REAL Israel firsters are concerned, it means nothing.

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