Trump Fights to Keep Some Palestinian Aid Alive

In sudden U-turn, Trump fights to keep some Palestinian aid alive

by TUT editor

White House understands that new anti-terror law will end all US assistance to PA, including vital security cooperation with Israel, and thus threatening administration’s peace plan

ed note–as covered here regularly, Trump does not ‘hate’ the Palestinians, nor does he want to unleash the fire, fury and feral hatred of the Jooish state against them in order to bring about yet another Palestinian Holocaust.

Everything that has taken place since he took office vis a vis Israel, Joo-roo-salem, the Iranian nuclear agreement and cutting aid to the Palestinians have been ‘necessary evils’ in proving his ‘bona fides’ with an utterly irrational group of people whose instincts are to tear to pieces anyone and everyone perceived by them to be antithetical to their infernal demands, a fact unfortunately not considered by those elements within the pro-Palestine camp who–either due to their own identity politics or their own emotionalism–failed to plug these political realities into the equation before allowing themselves to get all hot under the collar when what was needed was them sitting back and watching what it was that unfolded in front of them. Now, having established the narrative that it is the Palestinians and not Israel who represents the biggest obstacle to Trump’s ‘ultimate peace deal’, once again Israel will be the recipient of her ‘get out of jail free’ card and be given a free hand to continue on with business as usual, which is stealing more land for herself. Read more of this post

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In this age of the ‘Truth Movement’, you can either have this–

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or this–


or this–


or this–

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or this–

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or this…


…Or any other assortment of deliberate disinformation designed to confuse and distort an otherwise clear picture and thus give the upper hand to the monsters out to destroy us…

Or, you can have this–


So, due to the obvious risks and blowback associated with doing the kind of work we do here, using our real names, real faces, real voices, etc, and where it is somewhere between difficult and impossible for those of us operating at the center of the bull’s eye to enjoy the security and anonymity others take for granted, we therefore ask those benefiting from the work we do here to consider our needs by making some kind of contribution so that we can continue the war effort.

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