The Many Headed Zionist-Jewish Hydra Attacking Trump Pictured (Deep State is a ZIONIST Deep State)

Trump decision to pull troops from Syria puts pro-Israel groups in a bindby TUT editor

Organizations that once applauded the president for moving the US embassy and leaving the Iran deal are now navigating their first major disagreement with the administration

ed note–yes, it–the pic above–is a meme generated by someone out to make a point, but there is more reality to it than most care to consider.

Every single one of the entities featured in the pic above have one thing in common–a straight line connecting them with Israel, unless of course, someone wants to make the ridiculous assertion that the JMSM in America is in fact not owned and controlled by Judea, Inc but rather by DEM MOOZLUMS or DEM CATLIKS.

Anyhoo, the 20 items listed there represent 20 heads of the Judaic hydra which Judea, Inc utilizes on a daily basis in seeing its agenda move forward, and, as the pic clearly intimates (and with a great deal of accuracy, we might add) all are working in tandem with each other in causing a certain CEO of a certain political corporation headquartered at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington D.C. as much grief as possible in the hopes that if enough political heat is generated that he will then desire a much ‘cooler’ climate and will thus be driven from the White House before he can get too far with his plans.

Now, having said THAT, it is important to remember that if all the heat being generated against Trump were in ANY MANNER AND TO ANY DEGREE disagreeable with Israel’s agenda, not only would it all come to a screeching halt, but indeed, those responsible for bringing on all of this business would never have been allowed to move forward as much as a micro-millimeter with their plans from the very beginning of this operation, and by that we mean all the way back to the start of Trump’s candidacy.

And yet, despite the fact that all these entities–who do in fact represent the various tentacles of the Judaic arachnid–are free to engage in what is now the political equivalent of the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11, there are those who still think that Netanyahu and Israel love Trump but somehow are powerless to stop all the tentacles presently picking and pecking away at his presidency in trying to tear it apart, despite the fact that indeed those tentacles are completely under the control and purview of Netanyahu & co.

So, allow us if we may, ladies and Gentile-men, to spell it out in clear, concise, and clarion terms/themes exactly what this is all about–

‘Ultimate Peace Deal’.

Every president beginning with JFK who dared even make NOISES associated with restraining Jewry from stealing every hectare of land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers which they believe to be theirs by divine decree has met with assassination of some sort, either literal as in the case of JFK, or political, as in the case of Nixon, Ford, Carter, GHWB and Clinton. 

And now they are doing it with DJT, and–just as Israel’s direct role in 9/11 has been assiduously hidden, likewise–this fact (Trump’s plans for reigning in all the murder and mayhem in the Middle East before the proverbial point of no return has been crossed) is NEVER discussed, and what’s worse, including by virtually all sectors within the ‘911 trooth muuvnt’ which bills itself as Jew-wise and ‘awake’ to the Jewish problem.

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