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NY Times: Obama Portrait Artists Merged the Everyday and the Extraordinary

Get your barf bags out, boys and girls. Cuz if this story doesn’t make you wanna toss your last meal, nothing will. From the article:
“For 50 years, the official paintings of the nation’s former leaders at the National Portrait Gallery have been composed of white presidents painted by white artists. But when the curtains fell from two official portraits Monday morning, they revealed the first black president and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, painted, for the first time in the gallery’s history, by black artists, Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley.”
The hideously weird portraits of Mr. & Mr. (not a typo) Obongo are loathsome enough on their own merit, or lack thereof. Frankly, even if Leonardo da Vinci or Charles Wilson Peale or Norman Rockwell had painted stunning images of the Obongos, just the sight of those two communist shit-stains would still be enough to make any decent and well-informed person want to crawl out of his skin. And still, especially with regard to skinny Barry’s portrait, the funky art style isn’t nearly the worst of it. — to this — 
The cartoonish portraits of Mr. & Mr. Obongo are in poor taste and totally inappropriate for the National Portrait Gallery
Now, for the really disgusting part. The fellow Black homosexual who was commissioned to “paint” Bathhouse Barry (it actually looks more like graphic design with lots of copy/paste than actual painting) apparently enjoys doing portraits of triumphant-looking Black women holding the severed heads of White women (two such paintings). The artist, Kehinde Wiley, of New York also has an affinity for the cop-killing Black Panthers. Sorry libtards, but there is absolutely no way in hell that any artist selected to immortalize a U.S. President for the National Gallery could not have been fully vetted — which means that “Black Jesus,” his handlers and his henchmen knew exactly who they were selecting.
Does this not trouble the “anti-racist” specimens of human vermin at Sulzberger’s Slimes and throughout the rest of the Piranha Press — all of whom remain silent over this national disgrace which Mr. & Mr. Obongo have committed? Just imagine the hysterical firestorm which would have ensued had a White “Klansman”  or “Nazi”  artist — with a history of glorifying the murder of Black women — been tapped to paint Donald Trump’s portrait! Why the double-standard? Answer: Because the diabolical agenda of the Media Masters (cough cough) is to ultimately achieve what Mr. Wiley did conceive!
1 & 2: “Die White bitches, die!” The beheader Wiley paints a ghoulish and grisly dream that Mr. & Mr. Obongo share, but cannot talk about publicly. 3. Note the Black Panther logo on the jacket.
And finally, adding sexual obsession and indecency to all his hatred and ugliness, wily Wiley placed his signature hidden homosexual touch to Obongo’s portrait — a sperm cell, crawling right up the side of Obongo’s forehead. We kid you not, boys and girls.
Obongo’s cyber apologists — who, unlike traditional media, do not enjoy the luxury of simply ignoring unpleasant Internet-based facts — were very quick to spin Wiley’s inconspicuous sperm cell into a “forehead vein,” and the sperm sightings as the illusions of “conspiracy theorists.”  But that spin doesn’t work. It turns out, sodomite Wiley has artistically ejaculated on some of his other artworks as well! Wow. Just wow.
From politics to economics to demographics to education to culture to foreign policy; Freak Show Americana rolls on and on. And the runaway train won’t stop until the beheadings of Wiley’s twisted imagination become a reality one day.*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto
FOXtard bigmouth Sean Hannity tweeted about the concealed sperm on Obongo’s face, but quickly soiled his panties and deleted the tweet as soon communists started hissing,squealing and “debunking.”
Disinfo Wars was quick to debunk the debunkers who claimed that the sperm cell was actually a “vein.”  They discovered similar sperm cells on some other of Wiley’s paintings.

Boobus Americanus 1: I saw the portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama in the New York Times today. They were both painted by Black artists.

Boobus Americanus 2: Yes. Stunning images. It’s time for a new style for presidential portraits.



Sugar Boobuss, you sself-hating libtarded ssycophant! I bet you’d lick the frickin’ goo right off of Obongo’s forehead if you could.

 Editor: (palm to face, shaking head) — Sorry, boys and girls, sorry.


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