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NY Times: For Italy’s Populists, Everything is a Nationalist Cause. Even Leonardo.


REBUTTAL BYThis particular piece of anti-Italian journalistic excrement really got my Italian-side “guinea” blood to boiling today. Not surprisingly,the Slimes’ Rome Bureau Chuef, Jason Horowitz (cough cough)-– the sleazy scribbler who pooped-out this anti-nationalist ‘s’ ‘h’ ‘i’ ‘t’ — is a member of the single most ethno-centric and ultra-nationalistic people ever to infest the surface of this planet. You see, only (((they))) get to proudly (and I do mean, proudly) keep their bloodlines, traditions and cultural identity intact for their posterity. But for the rest of us, even the slightest reluctance to hop into the stinking Globalist “melting pot” ™ is considered “racist”  or “xenophobic” ™ or “nationalist” .  Recall that when Italy was headed by Bildeberger Mario Monti and Marxist Matteo Renzi — the Globalist Golden Boy with the tranny wife? Sulzberger’s Slimes never laid a hand on one of Europe’s major countries back then. Only now, with the nation taking a recent turn toward the populist-nationalist “right” has Italy become a regular whipping boy of Sulzberger’s Slimes. Hazmat suits, goggles and hip waders on, boys and girls. Let’s dig into this filth and clean up some of the worse excerpts. 
.1. Pro open-borders Slimes Jew Jason Horowitz hates the Italian nationalism he is witnessing.  // 2 & 3. The ‘Melting Pot” — that degrading term for the American Republic — was coined by playwright Israel Zangwill (cough cough) who produced the “critically acclaimed” Broadway play (1908-09) by that name. Zangwill was very open about his vision of a future world of mixed races (no white folks!). The Jew York Slimes’ hatred for the new anti-“melting pot” Italian government fits in with Zangwill’s anti-white dream. 
 Globalist Prime Ministers Monti (1) and Renzi (2) were puffed-up very favorably by the Fake News, but notice the unflattering, shadowy, bloated-face cover that Slime Magazine ran on populist-nationalist “La Lega” leader, Salvini. (3) 
Horowitz: In a small showroom filled with replicas of Leonardo da Vinci masterpieces, Lucia Borgonzoni, Italy’s under secretary for culture and a member of the right-wing League party ….accused France of trying to culturally appropriate Leonardo for a 2019 exhibition at the Louvre celebrating the 500th anniversary of his death.France had treated Italy like a cultural “supermarket” by “sending a shopping list” of the works it wanted to borrow — essentially everything. “Probably no other country would dare” to behave as France had. Rebuttal: The legendary polymath (a $10 word for a person whose expertise and abilities span many different subject areas) Leonardo Da Vinci is Italy’s most accomplished son. Is it really so “right wing” and unreasonable for Italy to feel a bit touchy in lending out so many of his works? 
Horowitz: Not much has been off limits as Ms. Borgonzoni’s hard-right League party pushes its ‘‘Italians First’’ agenda.Rebuttal: “Hard right” and “Italians First” — Ya know, had Horowitz written this article using the pen-name “Mr. X” , just from those two terms alone, we would still know that he was a Globo Jew.
Horowitz: Italian women are encouraged to have more babies.Rebuttal: Oh horrors! After decades ranking near the bottom of the world’s birth rates chart, if Italian women don’t start having more “bambini” soon, my “paisans” across the pond will go extinct in another generation or so; and their places — in accordance with the devious design of Zangwill and Horowitz and Soros and Sulzberger and Rothschild et al — will be taken by Turd World imports and their litters.Horowitz: Migrants are shown the door.Rebuttal: About frickin’ time!Horowitz: Matteo Salvini, the party leader, fills his social media feeds with posts about Italian pasta and wine.Rebuttal:  What frickety frack foods would you expect an Italian to post about on social media? Matzo ball soup and gefilte fish?! 1 & 2. Horowitz can’t understand why Italy is cautious about casually lending out Da Vinci’s scientific drawings and artworks. // 3. Horowitz doesn’t believe that Italy’s abysmal birth rates are anything to worry about. // Horowitz finds it strange that Italians eat (and post) about eating “Italian pasta” and drinking “Italian wine?” … What the F is wrong with this little sleazeball? (We know, don’t we?)Horowitz: Nationalism — taboo for half a century following World War II and the fall of Mussolini — is suddenly in, as every possible political dispute is cast in chauvinist hues. Rebuttal: Mussolini, eh? (palm to face, shaking head, sighing) How quintessentially kikish of Horrorshits to bring The Great One’s Italian ally into this conversation! Horowitz: Along with the bureaucrats in Brussels, the pro-European French president, Emmanuel Macron, has been the target par excellence of an Italian populist government that has repeatedly picked, and won, political fights on everything from migration to trade. Rebuttal: And that, dear reader, is the real reason why this otherwise un-newsworthy museum spat between the Italians and the French is being featured in the Slimes, and mis-portrayed as some sort of petty, excessive Italian “nationalism.” Horowitz: The Uffizi museum in Florence said it would not loan Leonardo masterpieces, including The Baptism of Christ, because they were too fragile. 

Rebuttal: Is that not a reasonable precaution, Horowitz? Why must you make this into an ultra-nationalist tussle between Italy and France? Would the Israelis lend out delicate artifacts from Old Testament times?Always instigating trouble (((these people))).Horowitz: The French have responded with furious headlines (“Franco-Italian Tension Around Leonardo da Vinci” read Le Monde) and warnings that Italy risked alienating French business and tourism and isolating itself from traditional European partners.Rebuttal: You see, it is actually Globalist Golden Boy Maricon of France (not a typo) and his allies in the Fake French News that are being petty and vindictive towards Italy’s new government. Just like the two World Wars, the Globalists always start the very trouble that they then falsely blame on “nationalists.”On behalf of my Italian-side ancestors and my for-the-most-part estranged Italian cousins of today, the depleted “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times would like to say to Jason Horrorshits, with great gusto and all the essential hand motions: “Vaffanculo!” (Google it)   Not worshipping the EU Beast of Brussels and refusing to needlessly ship fragile artworks makes Italian populists “fascists” and “Nazis” (damn nice complements in our book!) 

 * Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Italian ultra-nationalists are refusing to share Da Vinci’s masterpieces with France.
Boobus Americanus 2: That’s not right. Da Vinci belongs to the world’s heritage.
 Editor: If you read the actual article in full and critically, Boobus, you’ll find that the Italian policy — in spite of how badly biased this story frames it — is more about art protection and exchange reciprocity than it is about “nationalism.”

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