Without Attorney Brad Edwards None of This Would’ve Been Prosecuted or Seen the Light of Day

My Comment:  Epstein was committing his crimes in Manhattan, New Mexico, California and his Pedophile Paradise Island as well as France.       IMO Rape Crimes Are Extraordinarily Difficult to prosecute and it takes an attorney with balls of steel to go after the wealthy elite when he knows he will be one attorney alone against a Dream Team of lawyers like a pack of sharks watching his every move to exploit any weakness he may have or weakness his case may have.  To see the viciousness of the elite lawyers just look at what happened to Bradley James Edwards who has had an impeccable reputation-he was sued, defamed & slandered!  And get this-he was NOT even being paid;  It was a pro bono case.  For this pro bono case Attorney Bradley James Edwards had to hire a lawyer to defend himself against Epstein’s Slanderous comments!  The public for too long has supported a bunch of elite SLIMEBAGS!

Alexander Acosta is being unfairly criticized for his handling of Epstein’s plea deal

December 06, 2018 02:29 AM

Updated 9 hours 29 minutes ago

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