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Consumerism Has Killed Our Culture!

This Black Friday broke global records once again with an estimated 23 billion in sales this week, despite the fact it doesn’t take place on a Friday at all anymore. It is now designed to entice families to separate after their Thanksgiving meal, all in the name of consumerism, with most sales starting as early as 6 pm. This has not only put an end to the days where everyone would lounge around the dining table, drink coffee, slowly enjoy dessert and converse with one another, but has also caused countless blue-collar workers to miss out on the holiday entirely. While they toil away they get to watch the very worst of people as they fight amongst each other for the best deal on that 65in 4k flat screen.

In my opinion, this is absolutely no way to live, and this societal behavior of putting objects above our family is a disturbing morality to promote. This is one of the reasons our Living The Change Newsletter is so vital. It explains how to take charge of your life through information and action that goes far beyond the propaganda matrix, and gives you great exclusive video content you won’t find anywhere else.

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In this video, Luke gives you the latest breaking news on the very bizarre clothing line being sold by famous entertainer and singer Celine Dion. This product which is aimed at children and promotes disturbing imagery and ideologies. Some of the things in this video are downright shocking.

The Media Won’t Tell You Why The Price Of Oil Is Really Low. In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on oil, the u.s petro dollar, energy security plus a lot more dealing with economics.


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