Trump Suggests Creating U.S. ‘Worldwide Network’ to Compete With CNN

Trump suggests creating U.S. ‘worldwide network’ to compete with CNN

by TUT editor

ed note–keep in mind that even though Trump has (seemingly) singled out CNN, that he is referencing the ENTIRETY of the JMSM which he knows is the source for all the mental rot that has incapacitated the American people from being able to think clearly and to act in their own best interests.

And again, as we put forth in a previous ed note–all yuuz out there holding proud membership in the elite ‘Trump is owned by D’Jooz brigade’–please list for us the last president who has come out as loudly as this one in underscoring what a threat the JMSM poses to the nation. Read more of this post

TUT editor | 11/29/2018 at 9:34 | Cat

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