Natural News Voter Alert: Defeat Richard Pan-Vaccines Against Your Will Monsanto Man-Vote Eric Frame, Independent
California voter alert from Natural News: Help us defeat Richard Pan
Mike Adams California voters have an opportunity to defeat Richard Pan, a Monsanto puppet and vaccine zealot who endangers the lives of millions of children and infants.

To accomplish this, simply vote for Eric Frame, an independent running for the California State Senate (District 6). His victory means a defeat for Pan.

Eric Frame has been endorsed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., among many others.

See the video and details here.

For all of us who are not in California, here’s other breaking news: Fox News, Facebook and NBC have all banned a 30-second political ad that we’ve rescued at, the video community site.

Find out why they don’t want you to see this powerful warning about the future of America if we don’t protect this nation.

See the banned video ad here.

Here are the regular stories from earlier today (below):

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