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NY Times (Opinion): My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy, 
And it shouldn’t have to.

Getting a new vagina installed, eh? That’s great. (palm to face, shaking head, sighing) 

The Slimes’ never-ending effort to normalize the abnormal reaches an all-time low with this guest editorial — and that’s really saying something. A time-traveler from even just 10 years ago would probably mistake this for a satirical comedy intended to spoof “trans-genderism”  — but it’s real.

Just the madness contained in the opening paragraph alone is all you need to see:

“Next Thursday, I will get a vagina. The procedure will last around six hours, and I will be in recovery for at least three months. Until the day I die, my body will regard the vagina as a wound; as a result, it will require regular, painful attention to maintain. This is what I want, but there is no guarantee it will make me happier. In fact, I don’t expect it to. That shouldn’t disqualify me from getting it.”

Lets’ have a look at what “Ms.” Long is about to do to the body that God gave him.



 Image result for sex change surgery male to female Related image Related image

1 & 2. The testicles are removed, and the sliced skin of the penis is inverted as a flap preserving blood and nerve supplies, to form a “vagina.” A “clitoris” fully supplied with nerve endings can be formed from part of the penis. // 3. I know, grandma. I know.


This is normal? Seriously? This is frickin’ normal? Well, “Ms.” Long — in refuting what real doctors and everyday common sense tell us, sure seems to think so. More madness:
“Many conservatives call this crazy. A popular right-wing narrative holds that gender dysphoria is a clinical delusion; hence, feeding that delusion with hormones and surgeries constitutes a violation of medical ethics.” 
You see — it’s not the not the cross-dressing, hormone-injecting, breast-implanting, penis-mutilating lunatics who are crazy. No sir. It’s us “right-wingers.” So reporteth the “paper of record” — which in so doing, is deliberately spreading the insanity. And what are we to make of these “doctors” who perform such genital abominations on these wretched souls? Would they give a man rabies and distemper shots if he “self-identified” as a dog? Why not? As the Pinko Pope of Poofterdom once controversially quipped about sodomites, “Who am I to judge?”
Related image Related image Related image
1. Should a doctor be permitted to give shots to a man who thinks himself a dog? // 2. At least the former First Tranny kept her junk intact.
It’s all well and good to enjoy a hearty laugh at these freaks and to shake our heads in dismay over the growing “tolerance”  of this demoniacally deviant derangement. But it’s very important that we go one step further by naming the culprits and defining the motive behind this mass madness currently sweeping through the culture and the schools. And that is what differentiates from so many other half-truther sites.
The driving economic, “educational,” and cultural force behind the LGBT steam-roller is that of the usual suspects, and for the usual motive; namely, Jewish-Marxist Globalists working 24/7 to confuse, confound, stupefy, alienate, demoralize, degrade, destabilize and soften-up “the masses”  in preparation for the final and easy gathering up of the rotted fruits of fallen humanity by The New World Order crime syndicate.
But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from Homo-Obongo’s former Vice President, known sex pervert / pedo monster, and loyal Globalist operative, Joe Biden — addressing a group of self-chosenite Demonrats in 2013:
Related image
Biden: Jewish Leaders Helped Gay Marriage Succeed
May 22, 2013

“Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.

“I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the sitcom “Will and Grace,” giving Jews a large part of the credit for both. 

“I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry,” he said. “The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good. ”


In 2017, the same Joe Biden referred to “transgender equality”  as being the “civil rights issue of our time.” And have no doubt, boys and girls– the very same greasy bunch that agent Biden had openly thanked for making “same-sex-marriage” possible is also the gang of ghouls who have since accelerated the drive to normalize genital-mutilation. In short, “thanks, Jews!” (as always)

Related image Image result for biden with little girl Image result for biden with little girl

Serial groper and filthy pedo-creep Joe Biden openly thanked the Jews of the media and Hollywood for changing public attitudes about sexual insanity.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about a transgender is getting a new vagina next week.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well … It is his, or rather, her right to do so.



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