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Scientists prove that cell phone radiation causes cancer… no longer a “theory”
Mike Adams Remember how we’ve been warning you about the dangers of cell phone radiation for over a decade?

All that time, the corrupt, lying media said it was all just a “scare story” with no basis in fact.

Well now, scientists have proven beyond any doubt that cell phone radiation causes cancer. The debate is over. Mobile devices do cause cancerous mutations in cells, especially if you hold the phone near your head.

See the full story here.

By the way, isn’t it also interesting that we warned you about the cancer-causing effects of glyphosate years before the world realized how toxic it was?

Once again, Natural News gives you information years ahead of the establishment media, helping save lives and keep you safe.

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Scientist proves pesticides cause autism, plus election scams exposed
Mike Adams A landmark study shows that pesticide exposure in expectant mothers causes autism. If you’ve ever needed another reason to eat organic, here it is.

See the full story here.

Also today: In my op-ed piece, I reveal how elections have become a mechanism by which candidates and voters all agree to scam each other, shifting the repercussions of their foolish policies into the future.

In effect, elections are now a way that today’s voters punish their future selves for bad decisions made today.

See the fascinating explanation here.

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