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The universal solution to hate speech, tribalism, censorship and violence
Mike Adams Today I’ve posted a philosophical video that discusses the universal solution to “hate speech,” tribalism, censorship and violence.

It might sound oversimplified, but the solution really is universal (and even “cosmic” in its truth).

Censorship is not the answer. More hate isn’t the answer, either. To hear the full discussion and the real answer, see my article and video here.

P.S. We’re announcing a new product today called the “Bioscarf,” which functions as a scarf but also N95-level protection against airborne pathogens. It’s an incredibly innovative garment that can protect you all winter long. See the full details here.

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Blueberries contain a specific substance that can prolong your lifeBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full story
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Introducing the Bioscarf: The first functional and fashionable air filtration garment on the marketThe flu season is no match for the Bioscarf, now available at the Health Ranger Store. It’s an air filtration mask and comfortable scarf combined into one. It blocks out 99.75 percent of all airborne particulates 0.1 microns and larger and is made from eco-friendly materials… plus the Bioscarf remains extremely soft and warm.

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More of Today’s ArticlesMandatory vaccination is something that Hitler would have happily pushed as compatible with the Third Reich
It is widely understood that under Adolph Hitler and the Nazi state, the German people were deprived of many of their basic human rights. But what is less understood is that Americans in 2018 are …Radical Left now calling for ban of voting rights for all straight white men… this is what we will face if Democrats win
The Democrat Party in the age of POTUS Obama and POTUS Trump has gone completely rogue and should no longer be considered a viable American political entity. That’s because the positions members …Study: Curcumin found effective at alleviating symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
Here’s good news for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis: you may take curcumin supplements to manage the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. A study published in the Journal of …Drinking alcohol excessively every day can put you at risk of several types of cancer
Everyone enjoys the occasional glass of champagne and a casual martini at a party wouldn’t hurt. But there is a difference between a single cocktail and hitting the bottle to drown your …

POTUS Trump planning to end “birthright citizenship” scheme long exploited by the Democrat Left to generate more voters
In what will likely prove to be the biggest constitutional challenge in our lifetimes, POTUS Donald Trump is preparing to issue an executive order ending so-called “birthright citizenship,” which …

An Argentinean medicinal plant shows potential as a natural fungicide
A study published in Annals of Applied Biology has found that the extracts and phenolic compounds derived from Zuccagnia punctata, a species of legume, can be used to protect corn seeds from …

Infection of surgical sites can be prevented effectively with Ayurveda management instead of antibiotics: Case study
Surgery is a major decision for both the patient and doctor. It’s a complex, drawn-out process that requires utmost care since it often represents a last-ditch effort to save a …

Conserving water: Filter for power plants will allow them to reduce, reuse, recycle their demand for freshwater
Power plants are the country’s largest consumer of freshwater, with daily use coming to 500 B gallons a day or 50 percent of the national freshwater use. Researchers from …

Toxins all around? Get rid of them with proper detox
Toxins are harmful substances found in the environment. They can range from heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, to chemicals, such as pollutants and insecticides, and everything in between. …

How to naturally increase your levels of HGH, an essential growth hormone
Human growth hormone (HGH) is a natural chemical produced by the pituitary gland located in your brain. It performs a number of important roles, but its production gradually decreases as you grow …

Kleenex gender-shamed into rebranding its “man-sized” tissues after whiny crybully Leftists complain
Feminist loathing of men has apparently reached the tissue paper market, as the popular Kleenex brand has reportedly decided to rename its “Mansize” tissues “Kleenex Extra …

How to make your own natural tea tree massage oil
One of the oldest healing methods known to mankind is massage therapy. This type of healing technique uses the simple act of touch to ease muscle pain and stress, at the same time keeping the …

New analysis reveals that sleep deprivation can be an effective anti-depressant
Chances are, you know someone diagnosed with clinical depression. The mental illness is estimated to affect many people in our country; but most remain silent about their affliction, …

An evidence-based guide to brain foods that improve memory and focus
Many people would do anything to become smarter, but it’s actually a lot simpler to achieve this than you might think. By choosing the right foods, you can easily improve your brain health …

Study looks at the link between inflammation and the spread of Alzheimer’s
Someone in America is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease every 65 seconds. The most common type of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative neurological illness that causes impaired …

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Insect population collapse an imminent warning for all humanity
Mike Adams The global insect population is collapsing, and if it isn’t stopped, human civilization won’t have long before it collapses, too.

The cause behind the collapse? Toxic agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.

At the same time these chemicals are poisoning the human food supply, they’re also pushing us toward a mass extinction event that will affect the entire planet.

See the full article and video here.

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Prolonged exposure to blue light from mobile phones can lead to macular degenerationBy Vicki Batts | Read the full story
How you can prepare for a pandemic flu todayBy Lance D Johnson | Read the full story
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Peer-reviewed study looks at the differences between GMO corn and its natural, non-GMO counterpartBy Tracey Watson | Read the full story
Sponsor: Organic, lab-verified storable food supply made completely without junk ingredients or GMOs.
We combined modern science with ancient healing techniques to help you look and feel revitalizedCare for your skin with organic Jojoba oil and boost your circulation and soothe sore and tight muscles with our Silicone-Based Cupping Therapy Set, now available at the Health Ranger Store. For a limited time, purchase the Organic Jojoba Oil and Health Ranger Silicone-Based Cupping Therapy Combo Set and receive a bottle of Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil on the house.

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More of Today’s ArticlesDisease, disorder, and modern-day slavery heading to U.S. from Mexico, Central America and South America
Here they come in droves, thanks to the open-border policy installed by Obama and promoted by every Democratic-socialist-communist nut-job gunning for political status and new positions this …Here’s why you should eat alfalfa microgreens, the “King of all Foods”
Small and unassuming, alfalfa (Medicago sativa) microgreens are chock-full of various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. The alfalfa plant, which belongs to the legume family, is also considered …Tips for basic home food preservation and canning
Have you noticed that the nutrition labels on your favorite fruits, vegetables, and other commercially preserved foods often contain sodium and different artificial preservatives?This is why …

Politics – the biggest planned distraction from health and well-being
There’s a reason “kill your television” has been a popular saying or “meme” for such a long time. From the Kavanaugh assault scheme to the hard-to-believe (for many …

10 Potassium-abundant foods you need to include on your grocery list
The World Health Organization (WHO) says that the average person needs around 3,510 mg of the potassium every day, whereas the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) says that …

Drink beet juice before exercise for a younger brain
Drinking a glass of beetroot juice before exercise can give you a younger brain, surmises a team of researchers in a new study. The team says that older people who drink this purple tonic before …

The unassuming parsley has many healing properties, including the ability to fight cancer
Parsley can do so much more than just make meals look, smell, and taste nice. An article in Natural Health 365 reported that it is packed with nutrients that can prevent all kinds of disease, up …

Can this rare plant be the key to the next generation of powerful natural anti-aging products?
Aging is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot prevent age-related diseases. Fortunately, researchers continue to reveal natural products that will help people age …

Being deficient in vitamin D may worsen rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
A study published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine has shown that being deficient in vitamin D may lead to or worsen rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an …

Study reveals the powerful pain-relieving properties of ashwagandha
People experiencing knee joint pain and discomfort, particularly those with knee osteoarthritis, may find relief in an Ayurvedic medicine called ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). A study …

Buckwheat is an underutilized crop that holds great antioxidant potential
The tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum) is a pseudocereal crop often milled into flour. Researchers from the University of Kashmir and Jamia Millia Islamia have also discovered that tartary …

A popular Chinese medicine found to hold great potential in treating colon cancer
Metastasis, the process in which cancer cells spread to different parts of the body, is one of the most fearsome aspects of cancer. According to a study published in the journal BMC Complementary …

Improve your heart health with aged garlic extract
Using aged garlic extract can keep cardiovascular diseases at bay, thanks to its ability to prevent platelet aggregation, suggests a study in the Journal of Natural Medicines. In the study, …

Study: A derivative of turmeric can be used in eye drops to treat glaucoma
Turmeric is an all-around wonder spice that is also used for medicinal purposes. Many of these applications can be attributed to the presence of curcumin in turmeric. One of the most recently …

Common foods like cheese and yogurt have incredible health benefits for hair and skin
The secret to beautiful hair and skin can be found in your refrigerator. Instead of purchasing chemical shampoos or soaps, opt for natural alternatives. The best part? Following a more natural …

Medicinal food: Aronia berry found to have an anti-diabetic effect
Aronia berry, also known as chokeberry, is used as a medicinal food in Europe. This is probably because of its high content of phytonutrients, such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and …

The hottest alien world ever discovered: Exoplanet so hot, iron and titanium glow in it
KELT-9b is a hot find in more ways than one. Not only is this exoplanet hotter than any other planet and many stars, but its atmosphere is also the first to show the presence of both iron and …

Better bone density achieved by simply eating more dried plums
There are many natural ways to improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis later in life. One of these is eating more dried plums, according to researchers from Florida State University and …

Not an aurora? New research concludes that thin ribbons of purple and white light appearing in the night sky are an entirely new celestial phenomenon
An astral feature that has been known to photographers for decades has recently been reclassified by experts. Previously lumped in with the auroras, the phenomenon called STEVE was determined to …

Swedish massage shown to effectively relieve pain for people with fibromyalgia
There’s something to be said about indulging yourself with a massage to recharge after a long day of working hard. However, a recent study released by researchers from Brazil suggests that …
Breakthrough research on vitamin C and cancer prevention
Mike Adams We’re publishing dozens of articles each day about the latest scientific research on nutrition, herbs and disease prevention. Today we’ve published an eye-opening story on the remarkable benefits of vitamin C for preventing cancer.

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to stay healthy and avoid disease.

Read the full story on vitamin C here.

Also todayDetails on the violent criminals in the migrant caravan approaching the USA, as well as massive, coordinated election fraud by the tech giants.

See that story here.

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Why nutrition-based therapy works better than chemotherapy for treating cancerBy Edsel Cook | Read the full story
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It’s that easy: Just 3-4 portions of fruits and veggies a day can dramatically improve your healthBy Michelle Simmons | Read the full story
Sponsor: Problems after Brain Injury? With this breakthrough method you can get rid of any symptoms
We combined modern science with ancient healing techniques to help you look and feel revitalizedCare for your skin with organic Jojoba oil and boost your circulation and soothe sore and tight muscles with our Silicone-Based Cupping Therapy Set, now available at the Health Ranger Store. For a limited time, purchase the Organic Jojoba Oil and Health Ranger Silicone-Based Cupping Therapy Combo Set and receive a bottle of Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil on the house.

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More of Today’s ArticlesMedicinal mushrooms found to strengthen the immune system
Despite the naysayers, several studies have proven that certain herbal remedies used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can help treat various illnesses. A study even determined that two …Scripted narratives: Here are the 10 directives mainstream media pushes to keep the world in the dark
When the Obama administration quietly legalized government propaganda back in 2013, few could have anticipated that basically the entirety of the mainstream media would eventually succumb to fake …

Licorice herb contains neuroprotective compounds that benefit stroke patients
When most people think of licorice, they think of an old-fashioned candy, but don’t let the sweets fool you: Licorice isn’t just a tasty treat, it’s a traditional herbal medicine …

The Left is trying to destroy free-speech social media platform Gab following Pittsburgh synagogue shootings
The American Left, always ready to exploit a tragedy for its own political gain, has ‘identified’ a new villain followingthe tragic shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend by a …

Food cures: A guide to making your own garlic tincture
During the time of the pioneers, most natural cures were made from local herbs and plants. They often used garlic (Allium sativum) to make herbal remedies, and this article will discuss a …

Here’s how to tell when civil unrest is about to unfold in your city
As more and more political protests turn violent, the likelihood of civil unrest or even urban warfare breaking out seems increasingly high. A lot of people are showing a particularly vicious …

Almonds are good for your heart, brain, and stomach
Almondscan be added to almost anything, including ice cream, pastries, and chocolates. The versatility of this superfood is not just limited to the foods that it can be added in, it’s also …

Say goodbye to hot flashes! Cameroonian propolis helps menopausal women stay healthy
Menopause is a significant time in a woman’s life, but it doesn’t always come easy. Many of its symptoms bring discomfort and can be downright inconvenient. Take hot flashes, for …

This West African vegetable can be used to heal an impaired liver
Researchers continue to find alternative medicines in plants. One example is the West African vegetable called fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) which can be used to treat a damaged liver, …

Recent research documents the usefulness of Japanese ginger in preventing Type 2 diabetes
When it comes to diseases, it is always better to prevent something rather than treat it once it’s already there. This is why researchers from Framingham State Universityand Hannam …

A guide to knowing how much water you should be drinking every day
How much water should you be drinking every day? The amount of water every person needs depends on several factors: weight, age, and activity level. Here is a guide to calculate how much water …

Natural remedies: Males with fertility problems may find help in the walnut leaf
Men with fertility problems may improve their sperm quality naturally with the help of walnut leaf. This plant has been used in folk medicine to enhance male fertility. A study published in the …

Break these bad habits to keep your kidneys clean
Are you aware of these daily habits that could be hurting your kidneys? Let’s admit it: these organs are not given the respect they need. So much attention is placed on our heart, lungs, and …

Beets make for a pretty decent survival food
Setting up your own food garden is the best way to prepare for when SHTF. But planting just any crop won’t do. You need to be selective about which vegetable, fruit, or herb goes to your garden. …

Migrant caravan a public health risk due to disease carriers, expert warns
The threats associated with the incoming migrant “caravan” extend far beyond just border penetration and a potential crime infestation. According to Dr. Jan Orient, executive director …

Curcumin alleviates symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
Researchers from India have found that curcumin, the main compound in turmeric, is a safe and effective natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. In their study, which was published in the …

Study: Depressed, elderly people can benefit from aromatherapy massage
Mental health is a major concern for the young and the old alike.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, geriatric depression occurs in 15 percent of the elderly population. …

Japanese researchers develop a hand-held device that tells you if you stink
The next time your coworker forgets to take a shower or puts on some awfully strong perfume, you can air your complaints while brandishing the newest smell detector from Japan to prove your …

Hailed as the “king of medicines,” the myrobalan supports optimum digestive health
The myrobalan (Terminalia chebula), which is also known as the “King of Medicines,” is a fruit that has many health benefits. In Ayurvedic medicine, myrobalan is used to treat various …

Herbal complex found to help diabetics control their blood sugar levels
Herbal medicines are often used for treating diabetic patients. In some instances, different herbs are used together to potentially improve efficacy. In this study, which was published in the …

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