Maybe Mentally Ill Sarah Silverman Thinks Trump’s America is a Holocaust of Mentally Ill Trannies Like Her/Himself or Whatever This Person Is

How they do it–Feral, inbred, violent, deranged Hebress Sarah Silverman Shocks Bill Maher’s Audience by Comparing Trump’s America to the Holocaust

by TUT editor

ed note–again, beside the obvious, which is the low-rent, gutter-level material that serves as the main ingredient in virtually all ‘Jewish’ humor there is also the sense of monumental hypocrisy to it all, and particularly where Silverman says that Trump supporters represent a ‘cult’ and don’t know they’re ‘lied to,’ when in fact it is Silverman and her co-religionists who represent the oldest and most dangerous cult inhuman history and who have based their ENTIRE existence on tall tales (polite word for lies) found within the Torah and who now are threatening to Holocaust the entire world based upon those tall tales.

Also note Silverman’s concerning the word ‘s***’ and why it should not be banned from television programming by the FCC and plug this into the millenia-old equation of Jewish interests and the role they have historically played in degrading the morals and etiquette of Gentile societies.

But hey, remember, its not Jewish bad behavior that has gotten them into trouble beginning with the tale of Abraham and Sarah being kicked out of Egypt for having infected Pharaoh’s entire household with VD. It’s just ‘anti-Shemitism’.

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TUT editor | 11/11/2018 at 9:3

Sarah SilverMAN Trannie Investigation

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