How They Do It– ‘Will The Pittsburgh Bloodbath Forge A Bond Between American Jews And Muslims?’

by TUT editor

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ed note–a hearty round of applause to all of you out there in the WN community who–rather than doing the smart thing and aligning yourselves with over a billion people who shared your core values, nevertheless and despite being duly warned years ago that if you took up the anti-Islamic tomahawk and engaged in the anti-Islamic war-dance in exactly the manner as those Judaic spies and saboteurs operating in your midst were coaxing you to do, that in due time, all the blame for the ‘clash of civilizations’ which Judea, Inc had begun would fall upon you while the Jews who were responsible for lighting the fires would change into their firefighter costumes and began cozying up to the Islamic community. Read more of this post

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