VOTE On ISSUES NOT PARTY-Do Not Support Mass Murder [War &/OR Abortion] In Any Way; If America Screws Up in This Election It Will Be Their Last Chance Blown-Democrats Are Pushing For WW3!


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November 6 is the most important time in our history-this election we have a choice to make and the choices we make will change things forever. Look beyond personalities and look at the core issues look at the policies each of the candidates represent and make your choice based on biblical principles and what’s closest to your heart this is the only way to look past the natural man or woman. Look deep within and ask the Lord to guide you

(given to Catherine Webb on 10/20/2018)

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I asked the Lord to show me what is going on this day–I asked for what we need to know and then HE called me to HIM—He told me that what the people vote for they will get—HE also showed me that if the party that has lost control legally they will use illegal and desperate ways to get power–Those that vote against the Lord and HIS ways will pay the consequences of their actions.

Admin:  Do Not Forget That Russia is and always has been a Christian nation and used to be our ally during the Civil War as well as WW2.  We need to be on friendly terms with them now.  America’s Media has always lied and being owned by the Zionists will always lie.  Remember what Jesus revealed about the Zionist Synagogue of Satan.  Our media is 96% owned by the Zionists and is not to be trusted;  all lies & deceit!  Jesus was the original Whistleblower.

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