The Railroading of Ross Ulbricht

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October 1 marks five years that Ross has been imprisoned. On this unhappy anniversary, we’re launching a new project revealing many surprising details about Ross’ case, unknown to most people. You can read or listen to the first episode now. There are six weekly episodes that will take you through the labyrinthian maze of this outrageous case, so stay tuned.
Although five years in prison would harden many, this is not true of Ross. Throughout his long ordeal he has remained a positive force and is liked by inmates, guards and prison staff alike.
True to his values of peace and non-violence, Ross recently refused to take part in an assault on another inmate. This defiance made him a target and he was put in solitary protective custody, where he is today. He could have avoided this hardship but wasn’t willing to hurt someone else. Yet the judge ruled that Ross was so dangerous that she condemned him to die in prison.
If you haven’t already, please sign and share and the petition to join the nearly 85,000 people who are asking President Trump to right this wrong!
Ross’ former cellmate wrote:
…Ross consistently exhibited a peaceful and positive demeanor. He spent his days sharing positive thoughts with the other inmates and encouraged them to find peaceful ways to resolve their differences. …He always chose the moral high ground in every situation, regardless of the personal hardship that it caused him. His … empathy is extraordinary. On many occasions he expressed his extreme dislike for violence on any level. He possesses great strength of character and…consistently committed acts of unusual kindness towards others.
This is who Ross is. He does not belong in prison. Please spread the word.
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