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Mike Adams Ditch the harmful pills and nourish your body with real nutrition
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Debunking the myth that vaccines are safe for pregnant women
Mike Adams In yet another assault on the health of children, doctors are aggressively pushing vaccines for pregnant women, even when they know many vaccine ingredients are toxic to developing babies.

In an eye-opening interview with Robert Scott Bell, a doctor explains the truth about why vaccines are dangerous for expectant mothers.

See the full article and interview here.

Also today: Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford ran “hypnosis induction” programs at Stanford, which hosts a CIA internship training program for social engineering and behavioral modification.

See the stunning revelations about some of the research linked to Ford and Stanford, including “computational psychosomatics” and “neuro-hijacking” to control human beings through magnetic and electrical interventions. My story cites direct links to the exact science publications, Stanford’s website, and more.

See the full, almost unbelievable story here.

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Ditch the harmful pills and nourish your body with real nutritionLooking forward to looking great? Don’t resort to harmful pills that can compromise your health in a shortcut bid to look slimmer. Instead, nourish your body with real superfood nutrition that’s naturally full of minerals and plant-based nutrients that fulfill your cravings. See our handpicked assortment of nutritional solutions, all discounted now at the Health Ranger Store. Get a complimentary bottle of astaxanthin with any order of ninety-nine dollars.

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Researchers look into more ways of turning food waste into good livestock feed
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Natural remedies for tummy troubles
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Extracts from the acacia tree found to be useful in preventing cardiac injury caused by common chemotherapy drug
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A popular citrus fruit in East Asia, the yuzu, helps control your cholesterol levels
A study, conducted by researchers from the University of Science and Technology in Korea, has revealed that yuzu (Citrus junos Tanaka) prevents fats from accumulating in the liver. This …

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Acupuncture found to be more effective than conventional treatments at reducing sensory, emotional, and motor damage
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Excessive inflammation linked to rapid and severe bone loss, according to study
One day, you’re walking in the park without a care in the world. The next day, you’re bound to your chair and unable to walk because of swollen feet and ankles – all because of joint …

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