Most of American Christians Have Never Been to Israel Because If They Went They Would Find Out Israel Despises Them

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RE: Leslie Stahl is slaughtering Trump on 60 Minutes

LoP Guest  Wrote: (Yesterday 04:18 AM)

Quote:It is my thought that Trump is of the Jewish persuasion, but first of all, a Freemason. Definitely not a Christian. No way. No true Christian would ever benefit the sworn enemies of Christ

the problem with America is that most its christians LOVE Israel.
this means they will side with Jews and Zionism over other Christians.

this means Christianity is suffering and collapsing in the West.

Israel worshiping Christians are some of the biggest dupes in the world. Zionist Jews intend to end the Christian religion and decapitate those who follow the Christian religion.

Between the Scofield bible footnotes, and preachers like John ‘swine eating’ Hagee, most Christians have been turned into useful idiots for Zion.


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