Kavanaugh Charade Backfires: Can Bloomberg Buy the Senate?

The Kavanaugh Charade Backfires: Can Michael “Mussolini” Bloomberg buy the Senate?

As the FBI completed its background investigation, reporting that they found no corroboration for Christine Blasey Ford’s disgustingly fraudulent national soap show, the Democrats stepped forward to announce that the FBI’s investigation had been hampered by the fact that it did not examine the numerous extraneous witnesses they have produced to say that Kavanaugh drank a lot in high school and college, or that they heard rumors about one or more of the “wild sex man while drunk” fake and, somewhat physically impossible, allegations.READ MORE

What Will It Take to Defeat Russiagate, and Bring the U.S. and Europe Into the New Paradigm?

In a discussion on October 1, Helga Zepp LaRouche identified the current crisis as one in which two contrasting dynamics have been unleashed, and are in direct conflict. One is defined by the collapsing financial/geopolitical system in the Trans-Atlantic region, in which the acceleration of the downward spiral is the factor driving desperate leaders of the failed paradigm to unleash more conflicts, increasing the danger of global warfare, including nuclear war. At the same time, the New Paradigm associated with the global economic and diplomatic initiatives of the Belt-and-Road Initiative, and the BRICS, a paradigm of peace and development, is gaining momentum, as a growing number of nations are choosing the New Silk Road spirit, over the deadly course of imperial geopolitics.


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