Ancient Beheading Site in Jerusalem, Evidence of ‘Holy’ King’s Bloody Rule

Ancient beheading site found in Jerusalem, evidence of ‘holy’ king’s bloody rule

by TUT editor

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Archaeologists now know whodunnit — the Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus — after uncovering a 2,000-year-old mass burial ground in the municipality’s backyard

ed note–an extremely important read and despite the fact that it centers around events taking place thousands of years ago, is of vital importance to the future existence of all life on God’s green earth that today has in effect been reduced to a mere question mark as a result of the dominant influence which Judea, Inc holds over human affairs.

First, some history–

The Greeks, who for all intents and purposes are considered the founding fathers of what is today’s ‘Western Civilization’, became the dominant political/military/cultural force throughout the known world at the time in what is famously associated with the reign of Alexander the Great. Philosophy, science, love of art and learning were brought by the Greeks wherever they went, including to the one place where violent, autonomic rejection of said benefits would be as predictable as thunder following lightning, Judea. Some Jews however, coming into contact with this more relaxed Hellenic lifestyle that shared nothing in common with the cult of Judaism and its 613 laws (some of which demanded that those who collect firewood to heat their homes or cook their supper on the sabbath are to be stoned to death) naturally did what humans will do when the gates of the prison are thrown open to them–escaped to the personal freedom which Hellenization offered them.

These ‘Hellenized’ Jews became the object of hatred to those Judaic ‘die-hards’ who took literally and deadly serious all those 613 Mosaic laws and who viewed the Greeks and their relaxed lifestyle as a mortal threat to the continued existence of Judaism and to the paralyzing grip it maintains over the minds of those caught in its grasp. A band of violent Ju-hadists, forerunners to today’s ISIS, led by one Judah Maccabee, ‘the hammer’, began a guerrilla campaign against the Greeks and against those Hellenzed Jews who had adopted Greek ways. They slaughtered these ‘heretic’ Jews en masse and then began a campaign of expansion/conquest, moving out past the boundaries of what was then Judea in stealing the land of those who found themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of living in close proximity to what was at that time ‘JISIL’–the Jewish state in the Levant, a process that would be repeated when the Jews of Europe began a mirrored-image campaign against the Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Egyptians et al in the 19th/20th centuries AD.

What then took over was a violent, backwards and barbaric Judaic caliphate of sorts known as the Hasmonean dynasty that subjected everyone within its grasp to the strictest interpretations of Judaism and to the 613 laws handed down by Moses. This marriage of ‘church and state’ enforced its theocratic decrees by the death penalty via beheading for those who were considered ‘transgressors’. Later, an inter-familiar squabble (similar to what we are now witnessing between various Judaic elements in Israel and elsewhere) took place that resulted in some of these elements cozying up to what was then the up and coming military political power that would soon replace what had been Greece and the culture of Hellenization, Rome.

The Romans under Pompey the Great brought peace and order to Judea and began returning the land that had been stolen by the Maccabees, thus shrinking ‘Judea’ back to its original borders. As a result, the next 200 years would be a ceaseless rebirth and continuation of the same violent campaign which the Maccabees had waged against the Greeks, although now going by different names, i.e. Zealots and Sicarri. Thus began a new wave of religiously-based violence, and again, directed primarily against those Jews who were seen as being too cozy with Rome by either adopting Roman ways or else cooperating with Roman rule. Their trademark practice was to find a target, surround him/her in a very busy/public place and then with lightning-fast speed, stab the target multiple times, hide their daggers inside their cloaks and then wander back into the crowd and disappear, much like both today’s Judaic assassins making up the Mossad and those violent groups such as ISIS  which were based and built upon the previous Judaic model. Barrabbas, the murderer who was released by the Romans on Crucifixion Friday, 33 AD per the demand of  feral Jewish mob seeking Jesus’ death, was a member of this band of murderers and was on trial for having killed a Roman centurion.

The entire event involving the Maccabees and their violent campaign of forced religious conversion and mass murder–no different than what today makes the headlines vis a vis ISIS and other violent jihadists–is celebrated yearly with the religious festival of Hannakuh, which in effect is Judaism’s statement of rejection and revulsion of Western Civilization which it considers antithetical to the teachings, precepts, and protocols of Judaism and the violent Ju-hadist electrical current that drives all Judaic behavior. It is precisely this Ju-hadist mindset descending from the teachings of the 613 laws of Judaism and the behavior that is its natural by-product that has been this sole source of ‘anti-Shemitism’ for thousands of years.

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Admin:  Feature picture is of a FREEMASON guillotining a (Chrisitan, dissident, patriot or other FEMA camp interned victim) to death.  FREEMASONRY was created by ZIONISTS Synagogue of Satan who call theirselves ‘Jews’ and are of this extreme, radical Saul Alinksy type mentality.

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