Zionist Asset & Communist John Brennan

Zionist asset and operative for the Deep State John Brennan– ‘Trump trying to suppress freedom of speech’

by TUT editor

John Brennan

ed note–that Brennan is a cog in Israel’s machinery within the intelligence apparati in DC is not a matter up for debate, and all can JUST IMAGINE the kinds of deep-level skullduggery in which he has been engaged per Israel’s direction in trying to bring about a coup in seeing Trump removed and replaced with a more cooperative Mike Pence. Furthermore, all can equally rest assured that Brennan–although obviously the most visible and high profile–is not the only one and that an extensive, deeply-entrenched set of dominoes is in place just waiting for the right push that Israel hopes will result in an end to Trump’s talk of the ‘ultimate peace deal’ and a return to business as usual, meaning more wars in which America is engaged as well as the theft of more Arab land in helping bring about ‘Greater Israel’. Read more of this post

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