Trump & Israel

Trump–‘ Israel will have to pay a high price in return for the U.S. embassy relocating to Jerusalem’ and that the Palestinians are about to get something ‘very good’ because it’s ‘their turn next’

by TUT editor

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Top Israeli MK minister vows to ‘push back’ against Trump’s promised price for embassy move

by TUT editor

Tzachi Hanegbi says Israel has ‘no need to worry’ after US president pledges Jerusalem will pay for his recognition of the capital

ed note–no one should underestimate the implications of what Hanegbi is insinuating here–

1. Political assassination via the Mueller probe

2. Literal assassination as Israel achieved with JFK

3. False flag attack against an American target by Israel’s Mossad

4. Total collapse of the economy which is completely under the itchy trigger finger of organized Jewish interests, a possibility which Trump referenced just today.

At the very least, all can expect extreme measures on the part of Judea, Inc in preventing Trump from moving forward with his plans which run counter to the entire ‘Greater Israel’ project that Judea Inc has been planning and plotting now for 4,000 years.

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Embattled Trump Startles Israel by Demanding ‘Higher Price’ for His Delusional Achievements on Jerusalem

by TUT editor

The president’s claim that the future of the city was off the table is a mix of balderdash and poppycock wrapped in pure rubbish

ed note–despite trying to hide their panic, nevertheless no one should underestimate the importance of what Trump said in WV and particularly given the fact that he did so on the VERY DAY that Judea, Inc scored 2 major victories against him–the conviction of Manafort and the announcement by Cohen that he would ‘cooperate’ with JI’s war to see Trump impeached and removed from office.

Please note those sections in red in the piece below indicating that the Jews knew ALL ALONG that all Trump’s favorable noises were just part of his strategy in securing the ‘ultimate peace deal’, as well as the fact that even Netanyahu himself is sure to come out now from behind the shadows and begin maneuvering against Trump is a very public manner.

Also note very carefully how our deranged Hebraic author inserts into the discussion VP Mike Pence, the provisons of the 25th amendment and how the Jews will support him whole hog in order to avert the changes that Trump is bringing to the region in terms of his ‘ultimate deal’, exactly as we have warned/discussed here ad nauseum.

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