Netanyahu says Russian sale of S-300 missiles to Syria ‘irresponsible’

by TUT editor

ed note–again, please consider the Judaic mindset covering all spectra of Judaic thought processes at work here–

‘We are GAAAAWD’S chosen people and we can murder anyone we want in getting what we covet and anyone who f***** with us or tries to impede us in our God-given right to steal and murder whoever we want is an anti-Shemite who deserves all the death and destruction that is coming their way.’

It is this mindset that has been/is/always will be the electrical current driving all Judaic thought processes and behavior, whether in the ‘Jewish state’ as it exists in the Middle East, the ‘Jewish state’ as it exists in the banking systems of the West or the ‘Jewish state’ as it exists in Hollywood and the JMSM. Covet, steal, murder, lie, cover-up, then cry ‘persecution’ and ‘anti-Shemitism’ when the inevitable blowback occurs, and it has been this way ever since the days of a penniless nomad named Abraham selling his wife Sarah into prostitution to Egypt’s Pharaoh so that he himself would be ‘well-treated’.

It is not just a ‘Zionism’ problem and anyone who tells you differently is either a fool, a liar, or both. Everywhere it has gone, through every time period in history and in every geographical location, the reaction to the Judaic paradigm has always been the same–an autonomic, automatic rejection of the hostile, invading virus and the body’s attempt to protect itself from death and destruction. Now, thousands of years too late, the virus has made its way to the central nervous system of the body politic and there seems to be nothing that can be done in stopping it from what it must do according to the program that has been written into its DNA from the beginning–destroy and devour, even as various world leaders try and deal with it in the half-measured way they can at this, the 59th minute of the eleventh hour. Read more of this post

The Samson Option (Hebrew : ברירת שמשון) is the name that some military analysts and authors have given to Israel ‘s deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a “last resort” against a country whose military has invaded and/or destroyed much of Israel.

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