On September 20, 2018, I woke up about 4:20 a.m. and I started having a vision. It started with me seeing an entry way or door way into a room where I saw several people, but most notably was a young lady on a bed. It seemed that there was some movement about under the covers, and then I saw very clearly where she lifted a male newborn baby up from herself and gave it to someone standing over her. Then my attention went to the right side of her and the bed, where I saw what I knew in my spirit was the face of God looking on attentively as if waiting for the child to be born and to be given to him. I saw the child’s face in detail; it had wrinkled and pasty-like brown skin, like a newborn. I perceived that It was a boy baby, and it had dark hair. Then the child was taken away, as if it went with the person I saw as God. I later saw what appeared to be a young girl leaving the PLACE (it felt like the PLACE was a jungle or in a remote location). She had no baby with her. She was carrying a bag or what even seemed like a picnic basket. She was being escorted by someone and I saw her walk down steps of a wide porch of some kind of house or building. The vision ended. I lay there for several minutes trying to understand what I had seen in the vision. And what kept going through my mind was the Revelation 12 sign, I thought this over and over again, the Revelation 12 sign. I knew I had seen parts of this vision before now. I was not sure if it was earlier that night or even on different nights. However, I had never seen the child before, and so when I saw the child, I was really amazed and knew this was a very significant vision from God. But what did it mean? I prayed about it for several minutes before I was able to write it down, but I did make an audio recording of it so that I would capture exactly what I saw before I did any analyzing or interpreting of the dream because I never want to add my own imagination into any of my visions.


As I mentioned in the description of the vision, I kept thinking about Revelation 12, so I went back and read about the birth of the MANCHILD in Rev 12:5-6 and I feel in my spirit that this is the interpretation of my vision.

But our God is so amazing in what he does, I realize that he has given me two witnesses and confirmations of this vision via my daughter and granddaughter even before he gave me the vision. He gave them both dreams about this topic and which made no sense to them at the time but when added to my vision, paints a very beautiful picture of what he is trying to tell us; what he is trying to tell the newborn nation of Israel.

Let me explain: On Wednesday, September 19, 2018 my daughter called me and told me that on the previous night she had a dream that she was pregnant. She said, but it was not a regular pregnancy, plus she knew it real life that she was not pregnant. It troubled her spirit, so she decided to call me to tell me about the dream and to see what I thought it could mean. I told her to praise God because this means she is pregnant with the Spirit and it means she has Christ living in her, and that she is about to be “born again -receive her glorified body”. I went on to tell her how I have been feeling that the Transformation (saints receiving their glorified bodies) is getting ready to happen very soon and that it may even happen during the Feast of Tabernacle this year. If you read Matthew 17 you can read about the Transformation. Back on topic: I was happy to know that Ericka had a dream and it seem to suggest that good things are happening in the Spirit realm. Later that day she called me again and told me that she told her daughter Amber about her pregnancy dream and Amber said, oh mom, about a week ago I had a strange dream that you were pregnant with a funny bump for a stomach, and that you would deliver in September. Amber said because it was so strange, and there was no way her mom could deliver in September, she forgot about the dream until Ericka mentioned it during their conversation of her dream. They both called me with this and all I could say was wow! Lord, what does all this mean? I know there are no coincidences with God. Keep in mind, at that time, I still had not had my vision about the MANCHILD being born, yet God had already given me two confirmations on what was about to come.

I went to the Bible to read Revelation 12:5-6, and immediately I knew this was what my vision was about. It was about the prophecy in Revelation 12 verse 5: The birthing of the MANCHILD. This prophecy did not happen last year. Yes, the sign occurred on September 23, 2017 but the birth of the child is just happening NOW – This September. Yahushua gave Amber and Ericka dreams which confirmed the vision he gave to me about the birth of the MANCHILD, Rev 12:5. In my vision, Ericka represents the woman in Revelation 12:5. And Amber’s dream lets us know when the Birth will occur. She said September but did not mention a year; I am saying it will be September 2018. In addition to this, on September 18, 2018, I had another dream where we were going back home and I dreamed of Michael the Arch Angel visiting me (Michael is the Prince of the Israelites). This lets me know that we soon will be going back to our homeland very soon. Our God has not forgotten us. We must also keep in mind that Tribulation is going to happen before we are able to get back home.

In addition, this vision reminded me of Isaiah 66:7 where Zion brought forth a MANCHILD even before she travailed. Does this mean the Tribulation is getting ready to be kicked off in full Force?

Revelation 12

5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.



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