Predictions From An American Psychic

2015, 2016 and Future Event Predictions

 Spiritual Souls

I see that 2014 through 2016 there is a mini Baby Boom with enlightened souls being born to make a positive impact on our future. “Spirit” said it was needed because so many of the original Indigo children and blue ray children were given the false diagnosis of ADD, ADHD and autism and they were shut down spiritually with pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs which alter their consciousness, perception and brain function.   Let’s nurture these special souls so that they complete their spiritual mission and help humanity.

 The World is Bipolar

Humanity is out of balance, the consciousness is shifting the magnetic poles are moving, all of which causes people to act out of character. These are dark times, mental depression is rampant. Many prescription drugs have suicidal side effects. Drug and alcohol addictions are one way that darkness creeps into your mind to influence people negatively. I see more and more people will have complete psychotic breaks. Suicide will be at a new all-time high and domestic violence, rebellion and rioting too. This is an important time to stay prayerful and keep yourselves centered.

 The Gold and Silver Markets

For 2015 there will be a slow steady decent in the gold and silver markets, I foresee gold going down below $1106 USD.  This year is the time to buy.

 Monetary Systems will change

I predict that in the future, gold, silver, coin and bullion and will be exchanged as personal currency along with cash and credit. Around the globe people will utilize these methods plus the barter system until a new monetary system is created by the people’s choice. There will be a new format and a new personal device introduced for digital currency or virtual currency that will be exchanged via phones and computers chips.

>> CORRECT (Reuters) March 9 2015 China wants monetary systems to change! Here is my additional Psychic Prediction:  China wants to make their Yuan the ONLY global currency; this is what they are NOT Saying!


  • Gas prices will continue to stay low in the USA for 2015 and will dip lower than $2.25 a Gallon which is great for consumers but can have a negative effect on the stock market.
  • Gay Marriage, I predict that same sex marriage laws will pass until its legal nationwide which honors the freedom of marriage
  • Marijuana Laws will continue to pass. Florida will see the law passed during the next vote.
  • Gun Laws – the Government is unable to crack down, Americans refuse to give up their rights to bear arms.
  • Public shootings will become more commonplace: malls, schools, churches and other public places that you should feel safe.
  • Guns will be needed for personal protection for many.

 The Obama Years

Before the end of his presidency, I predict that Obama makes THREE Major moves that will be impeachable acts. These are grave mistakes, like nails in our coffin. Specifically a major move to go to war, the people will be outraged because it is against our Constitution. It will be a disastrous move, but he will not back down much like a dictator. His life is in grave danger; there will be more attempts on his life. Years from now he will be viewed much like an Antichrist ushering in the end of US Freedom.

 USA Government

Our government even wants war amongst the people of the United States. At this time Civil Unrest has begun with police brutality, shootings and racial provocation.  Our government wants a racial war; they want a division so we don’t rise up together. They want the chaos so they call upon Martial Law and takeaway all of our Constitutional Rights as the Patriot Act allows. We are on the verge of Martial Law.  When Martial Law is enforced US citizens constitutional rights will be suspended.  Many cities have military armored vehicles ready for police use.  What Can We Do?  >>>>  We need new leaders to organize and rally citizens together. We the people need the civil unrest to begin a cleansing of the corrupt political structures.   Unfortunately I see mass rioting, looting and violence too. Don’t give them what they want, instead join together as brothers and sisters against oppression.

 2015 and beyond:

I see more war in our future: our government wants to wage more war on other countries. They will say that it will help bolster the economy but it will only line the pockets of the wealthy warmongers.

Terror Attacks coming 2015 through 2016

-I see Islamic radicals are currently planning a major terrorist attack via suicide bomber tactics on the East Coast most likely New York.

– as I have mentioned before, I predict the Statue of Liberty as a target that gets hit and sinks into the water.

-Also I see a solo airplane bombing or a missile strike targeting Washington DC and/or New York City – they intend to make a statement aiming at government, military or financial targets

-War in the Middle East is a distraction. I predict our greatest threat is Russia and China and a coming war with the United States.

US Healthcare

 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or ObamaCare is a government tracking system where your Social Security ID is linked with your health card and also the IRS. There is also an implanted chip which is linked to the Bible Revelations Prophecy and 666

 The US economy

I predict that the US economy will crash by the end of 2016 if not sooner and this will have a domino effect for the world economies.  It was supposed to happen 2012 but the economy has been artificially pumped up.

 OFF the Grid

In the future, I see the people forced to settle as independent communities or clans. These communal groups will strive to be self- sufficient and will also barter and trade with other groups. These groups will work independently of the government.

-Now is the time to learn how to grow a garden, save seeds, plant fruit bearing trees, and learn how to can and store wholesome foods. These skills will serve you in the future.

 2016 US Presidential Election:

For candidates I see Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush and a dark horse. I predict that this will be the last election as we have known it. Finally it will be obvious to most people that the 2016 election is fixed, it’s a complete sham. Our Government has sold us out. We are not free to elect our president. Another shattered illusion – time to rise up!

WORLD Updates and Predictions:

 Which countries will have the best economies and job markets for 2015 and beyond?

I see the Scandinavia Countries are doing it right. Contrary to current US televised news, China is doing well.  For the Spanish culture worldwide, many parts of South America will be the place to go for economic reasons.

 Cuba Open for US travel

Cuba will continue to open up and be a Vacation Destination

 Cyber Attacks, Hackers and Leaks

-More Whistle Blowers will come out of hiding to speak the truth about world governments, corruptions and lies against humanity. Ethical hacking is to be applauded.

-Hacking and leaking private information about dignitaries, people of power and celebrities will become commonplace

 North Korea

I foresee a big problem; Kim Jong Un wants to rule all of Korea both North, South and more.  In 2015 or 2016, the North Korea dictator will make a move on South Korea.  The USA will weigh in and make threatening moves but ultimately China will shut Kim Jong Un down.

WWIII – it’s not who you think!

Because man cannot learn the spiritual lessons of love thy neighbor as thy self, corruption, greed, gluttony and self-gain continue to rule the hearts of powerful men.  Now World War Three is coming by the year 2018. I predict that Russia will attack the USA, there will be bombings on the East Coast of the United States. At first it will look like this act of war is by Russia alone, but China has condoned the attack and is waiting patiently and silently. China is deceptive and using Russia to lead the battle. China wants to rule the world and because the USA is in deep debt to China they already own us. I see our landlord China will walk in and take over the USA.  Now is the time to enroll your children in classes to learn Chinese – it will be put to good use.

 Major Loss of Lives

GROUP KARMA is at work – You will see large groups of souls leave the planet at the same time. The mass exodus of souls has begun.  I see bombings in the US, Suicide bombings in the US, more large plane crashes worldwide, groups of lives lost through war maneuvers, ethnic cleansings, public transportation (ships, trains, buses, cars) and natural catastrophic events.  When will we learn? When will love rule?

 War on Drugs

Heroin is killing in mass numbers worldwide. This is a deadly drug and because of intravenous use it spreads other disease. I see that Heroin will be the new face of Death. Please educate your children. 


Prediction: There will be widespread sightings of UFO crafts of many types.

These Star Beings come to Earth for many reasons, some are here for the minerals and natural resources that they need, others come to observe us and they also come to help the planet. 

They know that we humans can be a danger to ourselves and they will even block war maneuvers that could be catastrophic.  I know that they have intervened and stopped nuclear war. There are even documented accounts of missile silos being shut down and UFO Alien craft spotted above them. 

Keep this in mind, just as the Earth has a delicate Eco-balance, so do the solar systems because they are all interconnected. You see our realm affects their realms; dimensions are invisible layers and what we do here on our planet ripples out and can upset the balance created in other dimensions.  All of God’s creations are intertwined, we are all connected, even star systems that are millions of light years away. Our science is just beginning to understand this truth.

Our Star Being brothers and sisters are so very concerned about the survival of the human race that they have and they will continue to move groups of humans to safety. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was the first large group that I was aware of; there will be more explainable group disappearances.


EARTH CHANGES and Catastrophic Events

2015 through 2016 there will be a new all-time high of Natural Catastrophic Events & Earth Changes  I Predict:

The East Coast of the US will suffer a massive hurricane, Category 5 or larger during the next 24 months

South Florida suffers a massive hurricane category 5 or larger that is like Hurricane Andrew.

Japan will suffer another major earthquake at least a 7 on the Richter scale or higher.     >CORRECT: May 30, 2015 Earthquake 7.8, 117 mi west northwest of Chichijima, Japan

-Japan will be hit with another devastating Tsunami, similar to the last one that I predicted in OM Times Magazine Feb 2011 .  >  OM Times Mag

-Hawaiian Volcanoes will be much more active than recent history.

-There will be extreme solar flares

I see a red fire in the sky, a never seen before anomaly

Large sinkholes will be much more prevalent

CORRECT:Reported on Feb 23, 2015 Six Sinkhole cases* in the News: 

     * Scary, people swallowed by a 10 ft deep sinkhole in Korea      * A Massive Sinkhole opens up Italian street – Italy      * A sinkhole almost the size of a soccer field Russia      * Nine Foot Sinkhole opens up on Street Virgina, USA      * Siberia’s Big Sinkhole called a Black Hole Russia       * Snow plow swallowed by sinkhole New Jersey, USA      August 2015 Creepy Sinkhole that swallowed a man in his bedroom – reopens! Florida, USA

  Majors bridges will collapse as the Earth shifts

>>> CORRECT:  See the list of Bridge Failures world wide

The rise of old plagues and diseases, although our previous medicines will not work

>>>Correct: Plague Deaths in California, Colorado and reports in reports in New Mexico & Georgia too

New STD’s sexually transmitted diseases will be on the rise.
 >>Correct: CNN News, May 2015- Social media blamed for big spike in new STDs – Syphilis increased by 79%

-We will experience record breaking temperatures for extreme cold and heat waves

>>CORRECT: Nine Records Set! At 39 below, Michigan almost as cold as the North Pole

The North pole, South pole and Alaska will be melting faster than science expected.

There will also be man-made catastrophic events due to scientific experimentation and the HAARP project.

– I see a major Fish Die out, mass pools of dead fish in red water

see major Blackouts coming to the USA, more so the East Coast. So get prepared: stock your pantry, have a grill, propane gas, candles, lighters, batteries, a generator, gas for your cars, medicines, canned foods and water too! Be prepared and have supplies for two to three weeks.

2016 is the Last Call! This is the Third Shift – it’s now or Never!  It’s the final call for humans to awaken. There is a multidimensional war waging: In the Heavens between the Angelic light forces and the dark ones. There is a war waging on Earth between men, to the detriment of the peace loving and the innocent. There is a war waging against Mother Nature, the raping of the natural resources (fracking, pollution, poisoning the oceans and fish, long line fishing, Poisoning the animals going to slaughter to feed mankind, GMO seeds – vegetable, wheat and rice corruption, Vaccinations filled with heavy metals to poison our elderly and our babies) which would lead to the extinction of mankind. God will not allow us to destroy this planet. The wrath of Mother Nature will cleanse and purge on a catastrophic scale.

Instead of history repeating itself with men trying to conquer the world through greed, bloody wars and murder join me in prayer and in positive actions for peace. It only takes 20 to 25% of the population to change these outcomes for the betterment of humanity. The truth is the truth, I can’t change the future by myself.  For our children and their children, lets dream a dream of peace, love, hope and harmony. Now is the time to try harder, pray more, worry less and love unconditionally. Peace begins with you!

I could not say it better.  Furthermore, it is already documented that RFID chips are linked to cancer…I would not get one and neither should you.

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