No Jobs That Americans Won’t Do…..Debunking George Bush’s Big Lie

Jobs that Americans won’t do: None

Friday, September 21, 2018


Chad Groening (

employment want ads 2An immigration research think tank is debunking – again – the claim that there are some jobs Americans won’t do.

The claim that Americans look down at certain jobs in favor of others isn’t in dispute, but illegal immigration apologists often make the argument that illegals are needed to work jobs that would literally go unfilled.

Such a claim was famously made by none other than former president George W. Bush, when his administration was pushing for amnesty.

“Most illegal workers in the U.S. are Mexicans,” The Christian Science Monitor claimed in 2009, “who mow lawns, clean motel sheets, butcher hogs, pick strawberries…”

Almost 10 years later, the debate continues.

Center for Immigration Studies looked at Department of Commerce statistics for 474 occupations, gauging the percentage of native-born workers to immigrants both legal and illegal.

CIS found that illegal immigrants fail to constitute a majority of workers in 474 occupations and, in fact, none were dominated by immigrants.

CA farm workerJessica Vaughan, who serves as director of policy studies at CIS, tells OneNewsNow that Americans are the minority in among tailoring and nail salon workers, and some agricultural jobs.

What the stats reveal, she summarizes, is that there is almost no job an American refuses to do.

“In parts of the country where they don’t have a lot of illegal immigration,” she says, “Americans are doing those jobs.”

Those jobs include construction, custodial work, manufacturing, and agricultural work.

This isn’t the first time CIS has looked at the issue: the Christian Science Monitor story from nearly a decade ago cites a CIS study that looked at job date from 2005 to 2007. That research found four jobs dominated by illegals out of 465 occupations.

The newest CIS study can be read here.

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