Mercola on Monsanto (2 Illuminati Corporations ARE SCREWED & IT’s WONDERFUL)

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Behind the Landmark $289M Guilty Charge: How the Maker of Roundup Hid Evidence for 15 Years

The jury found this company acted with malice and was responsible for negligent failure by not warning consumers about the carcinogenicity of their Roundup weed killer. But how did they pull off this feat and hide scathing evidence for 15 years?


health effects of glyphosate exposure

Shun This Breakfast Staple, Now Linked to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Millions consume this toxic concoction with coffee or juice every morning, and go-to snacks other times. Recent tests reveal alarmingly high levels in 43 of 45 tested products – even non-GMO ones. Triggers tumors, so it’s like sending an open invite for disease. Isn’t that price too steep?


preharvest use of glyphosate poisons kids food

New Report Makes Dairy Shopping Easy

Choosing high-quality dairy at the grocery store isn’t as easy as reading the label, as many industrially produced products are masquerading as organic. A new dairy scorecard takes out the guesswork by rating popular dairy brands according to their farming practices.


cornucopia scorecard eases dairy shopping

Raw Milk Vending Machines Flourish in Europe

In some parts of the world, raw milk is considered such a wholesome staple that you can get it from self-service vending machines – machines engineered with safety and hygiene in mind. In stark contrast, in other regions raw milk is deemed an enemy to public health and farmers who dare sell it are threatened with fines and jail time.


raw milk vending machines flourish in europe

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This Crucial Vitamin Helps Your Body Remove Heavy Metals From Your Brain and Bones

Glyphosate and other heavy metals don’t go away on their own, but tend to stay put, blocking vital nutrients and wreaking havoc on your bones, gut, brain, kidneys and tissues. By taking Folate 5 mg regularly, you support your body’s ability to cleanse itself, and help protect your cells’ DNA.

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Tea Tree Oil Uses and Benefits

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Tea tree oil can be useful for people who are struggling with acne and may even help ease certain infections. Learn how you can use it to your advantage today.

tea tree oil


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