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I received a heartfelt email from a reader who captures the feeling of hopelessness that some in the many feel in the face of worldwide child trafficking. I felt that it would be good to address this in an article for all to consider.

Scientists searching for ET life via radio signal detection have used a new computer algorithm to analyze data taken from fast radio bursts. New analysis revealed more bursts than originally thought, pushing them further in their search for ET civilizations.

Inactivity is on the rise and it’s the cause of a wide range of health concerns. Our population is only becoming more inactive, not less, and it’s time to change that.

Latest Episode On The CE Podcast Network

In this episode, Joe (@joemartino29) chats with Ryan Di Somma (@standup911) about some deeper aspects of 9/11 and other events in our world. Not so much about the facts and tid bits, but more about the deeper messages and reflections that come as a result. We also dive into some great reflections for the alternative media community as a whole. How are we processing information that comes to us? Are we letting it grow as anger or frustration? Or are we allowing ourselves to transmute that emotion and process it so we can move beyond it?

Free David Wilcock Interview
We interviewed David Wilcock about the Fall Of The Cabal and Disclosure. This was a fascinating interview that is insanely relevant to today. Click here to watch

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