Blaseygate: A Rogue Faction of the CIA Coordinates a Psyop Against the Trump Administration-Deep State Strikes Again!

Blaseygate: A Rogue Faction of the CIA Coordinates a Psyop Against the Trump Administration

“As far as the Judiciary Committee knows,
Christine Blasey Ford doesn’t even exist?”

State of the Nation

There’s only one way to look at the Deep State scandal that is now known as Blaseygate.

It must be looked at through the lens of a rogue CIA-directed black operation.

Not only is this burgeoning scandal a highly sophisticated psyop designed to stall the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, it’s also meant to further tar Trump with the brush of sexism and smear him with sexual abuse by association.  Moreover, this carefully constructed charade was fabricated to achieve multiple objectives particularly regarding the ongoing soft coup.

Enter stage Left one Christine Blasey Ford

This is where things have gotten extremely interesting.  And totally out of control for the real perps.

It looks like the accuser —  Christine Blasey Ford — was the product of a CIA MKUltra mind control program.  Her employer — Stanford University — has always been a beehive  of recruitment and one of her professors was prominently configured in the CIA’s MKUltra mind-control experiments conducted on campus.  Furthermore, Ford’s father was a CIA money launderer going back to his bank in Washington, D.C. not far from the White House

“This Stanford professor has “Property of CIA” stamped all over her. Christine Blasey Ford studied under Professor Frederick Melges at Stanford, who was one of the leading practitioners of CIA’s MKUltra mind-control, and her father was a CIA ‘money  launderer’ who owned a bank just blocks from the White House.”
(Source: Blaseygate Blown Wide Open)

What is clear is that Blasey Ford was recruited to be the hatchet woman in this contrived teenage fatal attraction.  She only agreed to chop off Kavanaugh’s head if she could remain anonymous, however.

As fate would have it, because there are so many liars lawyers involved in this psyop, her controllers demanded that she go public after she sent the letter to Feinstein (another Deep State agent).  Now it appears that Ford is really not yet ready for prime time.  This explains all the ‘she testifying; she’s not testifying’ waffling by her high-powered feminazi team of attorneys.  Blasey Ford is truly in a quandary, but why?

Because her fictional story simply doesn’t add up.  She doesn’t remember where the so-called attempted rape took place.  She doesn’t remember who was there.  She doesn’t remember when it occurred.  She won’t even talk to the so-called witnesses.

It’s no wonder that the FBI won’t touch this teenage accusation with a 10 foot pole.  The only witness in the world is totally clueless … and Dr. Ford a psych professor deep in shrink stats so she ought to be the sharpest pencil in the drawer.  Who picked her for this difficult role anyway, her CIA-affiliated father?

As it stands today, this obvious tall tale is falling apart under the least amount of scrutiny.  And, yet, congressional Democrats are screaming for another FBI investigation; they’re demanding more time before the vote; they’re making requests of the Committee that no citizen or member has ever made before in U.S. history.  The Left leadership has literally gone off the rails like never before.  Even a cursory reading of the following headline reveals that this psyop has backfired—BIG TIME!

Even in light of so many screw-ups by Deep State, it’s still quite hard to believe that this black operation doesn’t have several layers of intrigue and intent.  With each passing day the perps only reveal more about the multifarious plot; hence, there must be a HUGE distraction factor associated with it.  We are, after all, in the thick of the 2018 campaign season and the Democrats need all the cover they can get as they attempt to steal elections left and right, but mostly from the Right.

Back to Blasey Ford: the poor lady was clearly sacrificed by her CIA handlers and there’s nothing she can do about it because of the enormity of the deceit and the profundity of the outcome.  The Right, especially the patriot movement, has had it with so much political duplicity and so many governmental deceptions.  This fiasco has pushed many Trumpsters over the edge it’s so darn transparent.

It now appears that Ford really did not realize that her Deep State operatives would land her in such deep doo-doo.  And it’s becoming more evident that this whole ruse began with MAYBE a case of deliberate mistaken identity; that is, if the alleged incident even took place 36 friggin’ years ago at a drunken bash attended by smashed and horny teenagers.

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