Antifa, The Get Trump Group, So WW3 Can Proceed Under Mike Pence

Members of the Judaic Tentacle Antifa– ‘I would murder Trump, for the people…Do him like Ghaddafi’

by TUT editor

ed note–it goes (or at least should) without needing elaborate explanation, but for the benefit of the less mathematically-inclined out there, we’ll explain anyway.

Antifa is as much a tentacle of Judea, Inc’s ops as were the Bolsheviks of 1917, as well as all their offshoots going by a myriad of different names today.

Furthermore, no one considering him/herself a ‘truther’ should forget just who is constantly screeching about Hitler and fascism, and here’s a clue–it ain’t DEM MOOZLIMS or the Cat-licks.

Furthermore, all can rest assured with 666% certainty that were Trump truly in Israel’s pockets as so many claim with dogmatic certainty, the various moles from Mossad who DOUBTLESS occupy key positions within Antifa would make sure–either by word of mouth or by the barrel of a gun–that the message gets delivered to the various members making up this group to cease and desist in their activities against Trump.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that the very same people responsible for the murder of Ghaddafi were/are the very same people behind the murders of JFK, RFK, Saddam Hussein, etc, and despite the sometimes friendly noises they pretend to make towards Trump when the cameras are on and the mics are hot, nevertheless the same people who created Antifa and who are guiding its activities from within want Trump’s #2 man Mike Pence and all his Christian Zionist associates installed so that Armageddon can be put back on schedule, and rest assured that if and when this takes place, no one will see/hear of Antifa again as Israel will immediately dispose them, thus allowing the nation to ‘rally round the flag’ and support the new President during this most ‘desperate hour’, just as they did for George Bush immediately after the 9/11 attacks. Read more of this post

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