Zionist Don’t Censor Zionist Fake News-Only Censor Non Zionist Truthers Like Alex Jones

Washington Post [Zionist] Continues to Peddle Fake News Russian Conspiracies… Will Facebook [Zionist] Ever Flag Its Hogwash?  [Admin:  NEVER!  Zionists Push the Phony Narrative They Want to Push!]

You know the answer to that one


The Washington Post continues to push BS conspiracy theories that Russia helped President Trump win the 2016 election.

There is no proof to back up this conspiracy, that was originally pushed by the Clinton campaign and Obama administration, back in 2016.

There has however been been real evidence of the Obama Deep State spying on the Trump campaign, of Hillary Clinton and the DNC of paying for a fake Russia dossier, of the Deep State DOJ-FBI withholding evidence from Congress to protect corrupt officials, of the Deep State FBI-DOJ running a witch hunt on the American president, and of the liberal media of pushing this conspiracy of Russia collusion to the American public.

Today was another prime example of fake news being pushed by the Washington Post conspiracy website.

Angry, unhinged Trump-basher has a video up pushing the conspiracy that Donald Trump would not be president without Russia.

This guy is a clown and the Washington Post is his clown show.

This op-ed is ridiculous.

Melissa Mackenzie 🌐@MelissaTweets

This is embarrassing for so many reasons.

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Here’s why President Trump wouldn’t have won without Russia, according to @MaxBoot.

Want more evidence? Watch here: https://youtu.be/qFyQWLXyiZo 

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