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How does a view of evil on our planet from a realm beyond duality help us in our daily encounters with it? Does it help us get beyond our tendency to oppose and judge others? To understand that we are here to learn to serve others as ourselves?

Can we use this tool to our advantage to reassess our values and what is really important to us? Perhaps this tool will help many to finally break the addiction to “the scroll” for good.

30 military and government agencies have deployed the birdlike drones and related devices in at least five provinces in China recent years. They are in operation and are spying on people from above. There are also plans to weaponize them.

Latest Episode On The CE Podcast Network

Joe discusses the entire idea behind ‘raising your vibration’ and what that actually means. He also discusses some key techniques that are very impactful and practical on how to begin cleaning up the denser energies around your life.

Latest Video

With the recent all out media blunder of Qanon perspectives pointing to a ‘pro-Trump, alt-right conspiracy, we step in to talk about what’s really going on and how the mainstream media missed this one so badly.

Free David Wilcock Interview
We interviewed David Wilcock about the Fall Of The Cabal and Disclosure. This was a fascinating interview that is insanely relevant to today. Click here to watch

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