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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Top Stories
 FDA Purchases Aborted Baby Parts to Transplant Their Brain Tissue Into Mice
 The Abortion Failed to Kill Her Baby the First Time, So She’s Having Another One
 University Finally Stops Experiments Using Body Parts of Babies Aborted Up to Birth, After Pro-Life Pressure
 Actress Mila Kunis Has No Idea Anyone is Pro-Life: “I Didn’t Even Know” People Opposed Abortion

More Pro-Life News
 Mom Heroically Refused Abortion to Save Her Life, When She Died Doctors Saved Her 23-Week-Old Baby
 President Trump Takes “Pro-Life” Democrat Bob Casey to Task for Not Supporting Brett Kavanaugh
 NFL Football Star Ben Watson Helps Pregnancy Center Save Babies From Abortion
 Amazing 3-D Printer Helps Blind Mother “See” Her Unborn Baby
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Rosie O’Donnell: “Trump is Loathed in America,” Claims Trump Had Russians “Fix” the Election

My Mother Was Raped by Her Stepfather at 14. I’m Glad She Didn’t Kill Me in an Abortion


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61% of Canadians Want Law Limiting Current Policy of Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth

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